Travel Bugs~

I decided to get myself a Travel Bug because I felt it would be a fun way for people to track me throughout my travels through the stories of others who have met me. This way those who wish to follow me in my journey can see both my side through this blog and other people's perspectives of me. It also adds an element of fun & mischief to my journey~ ^_^ I hope ya'll agree! 


My 1st Travel Bug~ 

(Attached to my #1 favorite teddy bear, Destiny)

If you're a geocacher or even just curious, you'll find her Trackables page here: 
On this page you can read her mission. :)

With Destiny I hope to begin my own little worldwide game of Hide 'n Seek~ ;) I'm starting here in Florida, then I'll expand to include all of the southern states here in America; maybe even the whole of the continuous 48 states. After I have my ship? It'll become a worldwide game! :D I'll even add a secondary travel bug to my ship so that you can track both me (thru Destiny) & my ship. ^_^

Ya'll ready!? :D LET'S PLAY!! ;)


*New to Geocaching? You can read all about it here: - :)