This is the official Dream Ship Crew Registry-

Individual ships & their crew members' names will be listed here with their individual flags above each crew list as well as what each individual crew offers as far as aid & how one might go about contacting them. :)



Mother Ship: 

The 'D.S. Sunny Freedom'

Home Port: Ocean View, Hawaii

Offers: Aid to all as a support vessel be it natural disaster relief, protection, or extra work hands. We are Handimen & Artists~ Contact us via email at



'D.S. Sunny Freedom' Official Crew Member Registry: 


Captain Aria D Gaia

Creator, Artist, & Life Coach
Nicknames: "Foxy" or "Mommy"

Motto: "Never give up! Never give in! You can do ANYTHING you put your heart, mind, & soul into~"

I am a fiery red-head of Irish descent with a thirst for life, freedom, & adventure! People who know me, know me to be a person of integrity, honesty, kindness, & strength. They also know that I am a dreamer & a thrill seeker, but that I ALWAYS research every venture thoroughly before I make that final leap. I may do things that most consider too dangerous, but I'm not so daft as to go about things blindly without first knowing the dangers & how to counteract them. The best defense for any danger is to first know the danger itself and then know how to counteract it before ever even having to face it. Thus, you can count on me to always research things thoroughly so as to know what to do in any given situation. I would never knowingly put my crew or passengers in harm's way, you have my word. Wish to read my memoirs? Simply visit:

Crew:: (2) Nadie "Leko" Bautista & Sai D Gintoki

Nakama:: (9)

Listed here are the people who have helped support me in my dreams who may or may not set sail with me in the future, but who are still my nakama none-the-less:

Faith D Rivers, Amanda Walmsley, Rebecca, Constant, Xhino, Seto & Keyetta, Ed, Carl, & Lee~ :D

No other crews have registered as of yet..

If you wish to register your crew under the Dream Ship Official Crew Registry, please email the Mother Ship at with your crews' flag, your ship's name (be it a stationary or mobile land ship, or one that sails the high seas), your home port, everyone's names & associated rank within the crew, recent photos & simple bios for each member, along with how one might go about contacting your crew & your crew  shall be added to the registry so that others will know that you are an official Dream Ship Crew- :) Thx!