Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I feel like I've been down this road before... There's so much red-tape BS, paperwork, & fees associated with trying to startup a nonprofit. Not only that, you have to file like 4 different forms with the IRS, which is ridiculous in my eyes. Why did we have to make things so friggin' complicated? The thing I hate most is how much they emphasize how expensive it is to run a nonprofit. This monetary system we're stuck in is just plain infuriating. It REALLY prevents anyone from accomplishing anything worthwhile unless they're rich! Money has gone from a useful tool of trade to becoming a horrendous roadblock for anything good to be fruitful unless someone has a tremendous amount of money behind them. This needs to change-


-Aria D Gaia

Pre-quarterly surprise post~

OMGoodness!! I think I just figured out the answer to all my problems! I've been stressed out for weeks because my current gov't job is only a temp job and I'm out of a job come March.. I gotta stay gov't or non-profit in order to continue qualifying for the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program, right.. so I've been seriously stressed out because I am having a hard time finding such a job here in Hawai'i... But I think I've got the answer!

If I make Dream Ship a federally recognized non-profit organization, then I will be working for a non-profit AND being fulfilling my dreams at the same time!! :D Not only that, I'll be able to better represent my cause, begin accepting donations, & truly helping people in accomplishing their dreams as well! I'll be able to solve ALL my problems, get rid of ALL my stress, AND take a huge step forward in my dreams with Dream Ship!! KYAAA!!! I'm so excited!! Now it's time to research this and make it a reality~ ;)


-Aria D Gaia

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Quarterly Report~

Aloha everyone~ :)

So it's been almost 4 months since I've made my move to Hawai'i and I've been so extremely busy the entire time that this is the first chance I've had to write to y'all! XD Just a quick update on my current condition and progress.. I'm doing well~ I've managed to finance my very first new car EVER, a lovely Kia Soul in the color Mocha Latte. My seasonal position with the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park is going well~ Unfortunately, they are unable to hire any full-time nor permanent employees, so March I'm out of a job. I'm hoping to get in with our non-profit organization HPPA, the Hawai'i Pacific Parks Association. Everyone there is so very nice and then I'll been working more in the field I wish to; a non-profit that helps & supports others, like our national parks. ;)

My one acre of property is absolutely GORGEOUS!! :D The front 20% of the acre is all fresh black lava rock, perfect for my potted garden & green house, while the later 80% is a young kipuka, Hawaiian for "pocket of life" that was not overrun by lava. My beautiful trees are all very young, less than 50yrs old, but they are all lovely. Most of my plants are native to Hawai'i, like Ohia Lehua, A'ali'i, Pukiawe, & Ohelo (Hawaiian Blueberry). I'm still learning Hawaiian, so please forgive me if I've misspelled anything.. :3 

Since I wish to keep my property as natural as possible, I have decided to build a small village of tiny homes on stilts for my crew & people who wish to visit me here~ That way I am able to take advantage of my lovely views without having to alter the natural landscape so much. :) So far I've got my shed just about finished; all the walls are up, roof & doors are on. All it needs is a few more coats of paint, asphalt cement on the roof, corner trim, some flooring treatment, & a gutter for collecting the rainwater that falls on it. My property is all off-grid agricultural living, so I have to collect my own water or tote it in, which is so much fun! :D Next to build is my micro mini home, only 4ft by 6ft, just big enough for a bed & a narrow desk. Then I'll get started on the first of the tiny homes on stilts. 

I've got three locations picked out in my yard that will be big enough to fit an 8ft by 8ft or 10ft by 10ft square platform on stilts without disturbing the native plant life. All are close enough to allow rope bridges to hang between them to connect them without sacrificing anyone's individual privacy. I've been working on some designs, using what I've learned through research & the construction of my shed in order to ensure ease of build, safety, & protection from the elements. The first one will be built just off of the higher level of barren black lava rock where I have decided to place my 'forbidden garden'~ ;) My micro mini home will be placed on sliders on a small platform within the 'forbidden garden' where it will be easy to pick it up and place it on a 4ft by 6ft trailer if there is ever a need to leave the property. 

I've been working hard on my days off from working at the park to build, paint, & secure my shed, as well as move and level the lava rock area by hand where I have decided to place my 'forbidden garden'. It's been super slow going, but it's been so satisfying and fun that most days I'm simply bubbly with excitement! ^_^ However, it has also been extremely draining and I have learned that I need to only work on the property one day so that I can give myself at least one day of rest & recovery during the week seeing as I have to work 5 days at the park. lol~ I've always been one to work myself to exhaustion... Time I started to take better care of myself. I just want so much to keep pushing forward and accomplishing my goals that I forget about my own health sometimes.. lol! :P 

Ah, well~ I'm learning~ ;) Things are looking up and my crew has been super supportive. They've even spread my hopes and dreams to others and found me more supporters! I can't believe how much positive attention and support I've been receiving from everyone, even total strangers~ Dream Ship started off as little more than a vague dream with me figuring that I'd been doing everything all on my own as I have always done... But now? Now I have people contacting me and asking me how they can help me make both Dream Ship & now my Dream Home a reality! :D LOL!! This is something so utterly new and unexpected to me that I have almost no idea what to say to them other than thank you~ :3 lol~ 

Guess I'm going to have get used to the fact that I can't keep hiding in the shadows accomplishing things quietly on my own.. The world seems bent & determined to shine the spotlight on me & bring out onto the world stage.. lol~ XD

Thanks everyone for the love & support!

-Aria D Gaia