Thursday, March 17, 2016

Worries are now gone! ^_^

I just heard back from the doc, all my other health worries are now gone! My only concern now is my heart- I have lived with this condition my whole life, so I think I can manage even without the 'much needed' medication that the doc says I should take. Who wants to take meds that artificially RAISES their blood pressure!? ESP when there are plenty of yummy foods & spices that do the very same thing naturally! I've opted for the natural route~ ;) I've always preferred natural methods over pharmaceutical drugs, so why change now? I'm 31 & I look 21, so I must be doing something right, eh! ^_^

Working hard now to get to Hawaii- It shant be long now! By Thanksgiving this year I shall be giving thanks to the heavens for my wonderful new home on the Big Island~ I'm working on designing my very own ultra-mini lightweight hobbit home trailer & will probably go with my latest K.I.S.S. Concept as I need to build it rather quickly while also building it to last with little funds. It's a darn good thing I'm a Jac-of-all-trades~ :3 Still researching building designs & DIY instructions online though to make sure I have considered everything.


-Aria D Gaia