Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hey you! :)

Long time, no post! :P

I've been super busy.. & sick! >_< But I'm slowly feeling better now. :) Been trying to get the hell out of here as soon as possible... but it seems that the world is conspiring against me & wants me to stay where I am until I've lived out the remainder of my lease here in Dunnellon, Fl.. :/ Oh well~ Hawaii's not going anywhere! I'll get there sooner than I think~ ;) My lease is up on Halloween, so I'm moving to Hawaii immediately afterwards- ^_^ I'm so totally excited! :D lol! This summer may be a rough one with the heat & humidity, but I look forward to it being my LAST here in Florida! <3

I've been working out multiple designs & concepts for my ultra-mini, ultra-lite hobbit home trailer that I wish to build and have gotten to the point of going with something simple. I call it my K.I.S.S. concept and it is so streamlined & simple that I can have the outer shell built within a single day if I wish. I have come to realize that I needed to do this in order to get myself a decent shelter asap. I can't afford to be camping out on my property. I can build my trailer shell on cement bricks at first until the welder is done building my custom trailer frame, then I can simply slide my home onto the frame after it's done. This will give me a month to find a car in which to tow my trailer to the DMV to have it registered. Or I can just rent a car to do so~

I wish to keep my motorcycle lifestyle- I'll only use the car when moving my home. I'm even considering an electric bike instead of a motorcycle to practically eliminate my carbon footprint! :) They have one now that goes 40 mph. I could install a solar panel on the back to help keep the battery charged at all times so I can use it any time I wish. I could build a tiny tow-trailer for the bike to carry groceries back to my house. I want a very simple, self-sufficient lifestyle~

More details to come! Stay tuned~ ;)


-Aria D Gaia