Thursday, March 17, 2016

Are you 'The One' for me?

This is a special post-- ;)
The one thing I have wanted most... has been the hardest thing for me to find..
& it still eludes me to this day............... & that is.. True Love~
It’s not for a lack of trying, for I’ve dated several different guys & have had many who have expressed interest in me. However, none of them felt “right”.. I’m not looking for Mr. Perfect- I’m simply looking for Mr. Just-Right-For-Me, who sees me as his Ms. Just-Right-For-Him. I’m searching for a feeling. A feeling in my heart that tells me, ‘Yes- He’s the one- Absolutely no doubt about it’. I’ve yet to find it.. :( & I’m tired of being alone...
So this is a shout out! I’m putting myself out there as ‘Available & Looking’~
If you are searching for a woman who is both sides of the Yin & Yang, who works hard, is building her very own life of freedom & adventure, wishes to sail around the world & help people, who longs to be a mother & have a child as soon as possible, who is a little eccentric, a bit of a dreamer, & incredibly unique, who loves Pixar & Dream Works, loves science & fantasy in equal measure, & loves trying new things, a woman who knows what she wants in life & goes after it, who has her own friends & wants you to have yours, who wishes to share in your life as much as you wish to share in hers, who is smart, dedicated, determined, creative, & cunning, who is passionate about everything she loves & does, who can be both warm & inviting while also knowing when to stand her ground, a woman who can do it all on her own, but who still wants you around.. then why not give me a try?
I warn you thou- I am a Tiger in every sense of the word. If I don’t like something, I will let you know it. If you don’t respect my feelings or me, I will slam the door in your face so fast you won’t know what happened. I do not tolerate disrespect, abuse, nor any kind of maliciousness or attempt at coercion. I can tell if you’re serious or ‘just kidding’. I am no fool- I trust my gut instincts & if you’re not ‘The One’, you are NOT ‘The One’- It is as simple as that. If I say so, then just be glad that you don’t have to waste anymore time nor effort on my account. Everyone has someone who is best for them & all I wish is for you & I to find them, whether it’s each other or someone else. If I feel you may be the one for me, I will let you know it & wish to get to know you further. Take caution thou- No matter how long we have been talking & getting to know each other, if I find something about you that makes me recoil in any kind of negative way, I will let you know it in an instant.
I am a hard person to get to know or get close to as I hardly ever trust anyone. I never let anyone get close to me unless I feel I can trust them, then I only let them in in small increments. If you are a serious Gentleman who is sick of all the games, who wants a serious woman who is honest & real in every way, if you take care of yourself, eat right, work out, & are looking to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, if you have dreams that also include sailing the world &/or having adventures, if you enjoy the nerd talk, geek talk, & serious contemplation of the universe, if you’d rather stay in & watch a movie or play D&D or even just read a book than go out & ‘party’ most nights, but sometimes want to go out & dance when the mood strikes, if you are open to new possibilities, wish to be a father, want to have a woman who is loving & passionate, & wish to share in life’s adventures together with a woman who is fiery, fierce, & a total gypsy... then maybe I’m the one you’re looking for-
I will NOT ‘hook-up’! I can’t stand a boy who is immature & lacks class- I refuse to be anyone’s ‘play-thing’- Only approach me if you are 100% serious about getting to know me ONLY!! I am looking for a man who wishes to be my best & truest friend- If you have no intentions of being my friend, then you’ve no place in my love life. I am looking for a life partner, not just some fling.. & ‘Life Partner’ to me doesn’t necessarily mean that we are always together & do everything together. It simply means we share in life’s adventures together, whether we are standing side-by-side or we’re oceans apart. I want my man to have his own dreams & aspirations, his own friends, & the determination, dedication, & intellect to see things through on his own; thou I will gladly help you out if asked. I want a man who wishes to be the father of my future child or children. If I haven’t found ‘The One’ by my 34th birthday in October 2018, then I am taking parental matters into my own hands & having a baby on my own with the help of an anonymous donor & doctors. This is how serious I am about my wish to be a mother. If you don’t like it, then you’ve no place in my love life either-
Be you a lonely mountain man, a wandering sailor, an honorable soldier, a bush man, a farmer, or even a man lost in a lab or stuck behind a computer.. if you are looking for a life-long partner who is both friend & lover, who yearns for a relationship built on honesty & trust, who wishes to change the world & fill it with love, dreams, & kindness.. then send me a message request & we’ll try getting to know each other~ :)