Monday, February 8, 2016

Long time, no post..

I know I haven't posted in a while & I apologize for that. I had a lot going on and was far too distracted to even think of this blog at the time, so I am posting now to let everyone get caught up on what's been going on~

I am now an official property owner with a piece of property on the main island of Hawaii~ :) She's not much, but 1 acre of agricultural land in a small, developing community of like-minded individuals is well worth the sacrifice I made in purchasing it. I can't wait to move there! :D As of right now, it looks like I'll be moving in the first few days of November as my current rental lease isn't up until October 31st. I want to make sure I get my security deposit back as I will need that money to get re-established over there. I will be saving up everything I can until then. ;)

I now have a business partner who is still debating on whether or not she wishes to make that leap to join me. She's a total sweetheart & I'm not letting go of her, no matter what she decides. Even if that means I have to kidnap her & pack her in my suitcase in order to take her to Hawaii with me, I shall! XD LOL! Not really.. but I am sorely tempted to do so, since she is so sweet & we get along so well. :3 Her name is Abbey, but she's considering going by her middle name of Faith instead, which I think suits her perfectly! I can't wait to see what she & I come up with for our business! :D

I have even made some progress spiritually~ :) I have begun to reopen the doors I had once closed out of fear due to all the spiritual attacks I had once had to endure. I have learned that each person has many soulmates not just one & that each soulmate has a different spot to fill in our heart. Just because one person is your soulmate, doesn't always make them the perfect partner for your love life. You are soulmates because you are two pieces cut from the same cloth and you are meant to help nurture each other's growth & help one another. 

There are still some journeys and pilgrimages I wish to make.. I wish to get closer to nature & try to remember the ancient wisdom which I have forgotten. I wish to remember the old language which had once been given to us at the dawn of men & women. I have learned of the distinction between people & humans, learning which ones I can speak to on a spiritual level & which ones not to. The People understand me & accept the truths that I know to be my own, they even tend to know more about me than I do.. so I intend to spend more time with them than with those I consider to be simply human for the time being. 

I have always been a fence-sitter.. not quite sure as to which world I fit best in.. However, now I understand my purpose as well as why I've always sat on the fence since the beginning. I walk the line between The People & Humans~ I am a gateway of understanding between the two. Some may call me crazy or a hippie or give me some other label, but that matters not to me. I am here to act as a gateway to a greater understanding & only those who are ready for such knowledge will be open & ready to hear what wisdom I have to offer them. I no longer doubt myself or my gifts. I know how to read others & can gain a far deeper understanding of them & their situation than many people dare to admit. I am grateful to those few who have been honest & have let me know that what I have sensed in them was true. For not only has such knowledge helped me to accept my gifts as truth, but it has also helped them to open up & understand themselves better as well. That in & of itself is a wonderful thing as it helps them to become closer to the truth within themselves~

I have learned that others can only meet me as deeply as they have met themselves. They can only connect with others as deeply as they have connected with themselves. Anyone who only has a shallow understanding of themselves can only meet others with just that same shallow connection. I do not use the term shallow to mean anything negative, for it is simply a description of the depth of the connection they have made. The deeper one is able to connect with themselves, the deeper they are able to connect with others~ It is as simple as that. If one wishes to form deeper connections with others, they must first form a deeper connection with themselves. Thus, I have decided to incorporate such a doorway into my Dream Ship proprietorship.

Aside from being the captain & leader of my crew, my part in Dream Ship will be that of an upcycle artist, where I create new & beautiful things from that which is old & worn, thus no longer used. The other part I shall fill will be that of a spiritual advisor. People will be welcome to come speak with me about all manner of things & I will be there to listen & assist them in finding the answers which they seek. The answers that are within their own hearts, not the answers within my own. Just as I have learned from the movie Kung Fu Panda 3.. It is not my job to make others into someone just like me- It is better instead to help others make themselves into a better version of themselves, to help them become whom they were always meant to be. That is now a great part of me~ I wish to help guide others into becoming the absolute best THEM that they can be. :)

These are the things that I have come to realize lately.. & I leave them to you to interpret as you will freely~


-Aria D Gaia