Sunday, December 6, 2015

O.o On 2nd thought-

Maybe opening up an art studio/cafe isn't what I want- I want to help people, not run a tiresome business! >_< So I have a better idea~ :)

I'll open up my home to people & be a free dream counselor! :D Or maybe I should say mentor? Advisor? I don't know- I'm just not real fond of the word counselor.. :P I can still do a cafe setting- I'll just set it up out in my own yard! I'll work with people by appointment, be it one on one or group appointments. I can still serve tea, coffee, cakes, & cookies & I won't have to worry about any stupid BS regulations or red tape! Each person would be my guest & I a hostess in my own home so none of that BS would apply- Plus, I would be doing it for free~ :D So I could help more people & not have to worry about taxation, business registration, nor any kind of regulations! ^_^

I like this a whole lot better! I could do this in my free time & not have to worry about anything. If people feel compelled to pay me in some way for my time or the tea, I will simply ask them to donate some tea, coffee, or snacks of their own choosing for future visits or visitors~ :) It will be at my home on my 1/2 acre farm, so I could serve fresh fruits to visitors as well if I have any ready for harvest. Yes! I like the idea of being a free dream counselor/mentor/advisor much better instead of an actual business woman! ^_^

As for my arts & crafts? I will figure out how I wish to handle the selling of that separately- :3


-Aria D Gaia