Sunday, December 6, 2015


They continually evolve as life goes on~ :)

Do not be afraid to alter your dreams as you move forward in life as life is a dance between what you want most & what you fear most. Time & again I have set forth upon a specific path and found that along the way life would throw in roadblocks, speed bumps, & blind 90 degree turns that I have been forced to navigate or find my way around. I no longer fight them as each has brought forth a new realization & understanding of both myself & the world around me. Thus, my dreams keep evolving~

The latest evolution has come with my realization that I still wish to be my very own business owner. I still wish for my very own art studio, but I also yearn to have my very own cafe where people can come in and relax, speak with me about their dreams, & maybe even find the answers that they seek for the questions in their heads & hearts. I have always been a dreamer & it has come to attention that my purpose in life is to help mentor others in their dreams, help them to make them come true, & help them to believe in themselves so that they can make their dreams a reality. 

Thus, when I move to Hawaii, I will eventually open up my very own art studio & cafe called the Dream Cafe & Studio~ :) It will be a place where people can seek out advice & information on how to achieve their dreams through myself & the free internet access I shall provide there. They could come in & relax, shop through my handmade crafts, or even just enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee. There will be no rushing, no fast food, no disposable cups to take the tea or coffee on the go- It will be a place for people to come in, slow down, & relax. If people wish to bring in their own mugs to take their beverage to go, they may~ However, I refuse to have any cups, plates, or utensils that are for one time use which will then be thrown out. No! All things will be washed and reused as they are supposed to be.

My goal in life is to help others realize their dreams & help make them come true, even if all I do is believe in them and offer them a kind word or two. :) I wish to fill this world with dreams, love, & positivity~ It is through living my own dreams that I will be able to make this come true. ^_^


-Aria D Gaia