Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I fear my dreams of sailing around the world have been put to an end.... :'(

The darkness of the world now has grown far too thick & dangerous.... I cannot guarantee the safety of my nakama, my crew, my friends.... 

The Great Spirit is now calling me to a greater end- Pulling me towards a path that I have been hesitant to follow & blocked off from for most of my life, but now have access to through a very good friend. 

I cannot say for sure that I must absolutely abandon my dream to sail around the world & bring light to those who need it... However, I fear now that the current state of things the world over will prevent it. I fear that World War III is upon us, my dear friends..... TT^TT.......... & that there is little to nothing we can do to stop it-

I shall continue to save, work, & hope for the best... that this dark cloud passes swiftly & that things brighten after its passing. However, there is now another path I must follow in order to survive what I fear to be coming. I pray for the world & all my brothers & sisters of every race, creed, & clan....

May this darkness pass over us & our hearts lead us to a brighter end-


-Aria D Gaia