Saturday, October 10, 2015

Things are looking up~ :)

At the moment, I am attending to my overall health. However, once I have restored myself to full health & had my heart condition thoroughly diagnosed, I will then be able to get back to planning my first of many mini survival trips~ ^_^ Since I've decided to continue working as a park ranger in order to save money & support my future child, the Hike America trip shall be broken up into pieces and stretched over my future camping trips using my vacation time from work. :) 

I shall pick several different locations & hiking trails in which to explore, one location per vacation. Each trip will be a mini survival trip with me hunting, fishing, & foraging for whatever food I need at each location I visit. Hopefully, some of my crew will be able to join me on these trips. I'll even bring my child on them~ Unless, of course, Grandma wishes to spoil her grandchild while I'm away & volunteers to watch over him or her. :P

Once I've finished paying any medical bills I may accrue over the next two months, I shall begin saving for a piece of land in Hawaii & a car. I shall also start taking the ballroom dancing classes I have always longed to take. I've even considering taking another college course in the spring~ :) If I were to get a Masters in Volcanology, then I could secure a position at the volcano observatory in Hawaii or at least be a ranger at their national park. ^_^

Even though the man I had hoped would be willing to help me have a child has decided that he would rather not, it doesn't change a thing. I shall simply visit the sperm bank in Ocala & discuss with them what measures would be best for me to safely conceive & bear my future child. Who says a woman needs a man in order to have a child? All a woman needs is sperm & good solid conviction to be a rocking, awesome single mom! ;)

So even though I am a little sad that the man I've fallen for has decided that he doesn't want to be a bigger part of my life.. All things consider, my life is going quite well~ ^_^ I'm slowly becoming an early bird & it brings me joy to watch the sun rise each morning. We'll soon be switching to a 10-hr day, 4 days a week at work with 3 days off and a set schedule each week, so I'll be able to get out more. Plus, I'll be able to save up enough money to buy the land I want by the end of 2016~ :D

I'm still going to retire between the age of 40 to 45 & then sail around the world helping others. I'll soon be using my 3 days of each week to do volunteer work. Also, I've been preparing both myself & my home for my future child. So.. Yes- Things are certainly looking up! ^_^


-Aria D Gaia