Monday, October 26, 2015

Recap of recent developments~

So! As you know, I have had a lot of upheaval happening in my life recently as far as my health & dreams are concerned. However, I'm not giving up- I'm going back to my 10 year Park Ranger plan where I will work for the park service until I am ready to retire & set sail. This will give me the money I need to accomplish my dreams as well as the security I need as far as healthcare is concerned for both me and my future child.

I will be purchasing land in Ocean View, Hawai'i within the next year and I can't be more excited! I just learned that Ocean View is ranked the second most dangerous area to live on the main island, second only to living on the actual volcano summits of Mauna Loa & Kilauea. This just makes me wish to live there even more! :D  It'll take me a year to purchase the property then another 6 months to a year to save up for the move. Once there, I shall get to work building myself a tiny trailer home so that if & when another lava flow heads towards the property, I'll be able to remove the house & not lose anything. 

Some of my crew & friends wish to move to Hawai'i with me, so hopefully I won't have to go it alone there. However, I will if I must and prosper just the same. :) The Hawaiian Volcano National Park staff responded to my email the other day saying that they look forward to having me there on the island working with them at the park. Of course, there aren't any job openings (& there haven't been in a looooong while), so I'll have to start off as a volunteer there, but if that's what it takes to get my foot in the door, I will do it! Working at a volcano park has been my dream as a geologist & park ranger ever since I graduated from FSU! If I absolutely MUST work, I might as well work at something I enjoy & volcanoes are amazing! :D

I'm also considering starting up my own little shop where I might sell my upcycled clothing & accessories~ :) I think I'll call it "Gaia's Dream Shop" & I'll even teach sewing classes to adults & children. If my friend comes with me & adds her crochet work to the inventory at the shop then I may consider a different name that represents the both of us. Then I'll let her run the shop when I take off to sail around the world. ^_^

We'll see how things work out, but right now things are good~ :)


-Aria D Gaia