Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Excellent Tip! :D

I was at work today, discussing my dreams of sailing around the world, exploring, helping people, & extending the American classroom to include the wide open world through video & online classes with a teacher who is retiring & she gave me the most EXCELLENT tip! :D

She told me to contact National Geographic & speak with them about my plans- She said that they sponsor people all the time to do this sort of stuff & that they may very well be interested in adding me & my crew to their explorer roster! KYA!!! XD 

When I went on further to explain my plans for the building of our custom ship & how it's going to be designed to be completely green... i.e. completely fossil fuel free... she was even more insistent that I contact them, saying that something like that would be completely up their alley! :D

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! :D I am SO excited right now! The possibilities with something like that are literally ENDLESS!!! XD If National Geographic were to take me on as one of their explorers, I would have a full time job doing EXACTLY what I love!! <3 

I am SOOOOO looking into this! :D As soon as I'm a bit more solid on the planning, I'm going to give them a call! XD This could be EPIC!!! \(>o<)/


-Aria D Gaia