Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Alright- Now I know I've been talking about bicycling across America for a while now.. but I'm beginning to think I'd be much happier hiking America instead- I wish to stick to the woods more than the roads.. & to do that with a bicycle while towing a small trailer would be quite difficult. Also, I'd be carrying a lot more gear that way than I would be if I were to simply pack a single pack to wear on my back. Every time I try to envision my future, I see myself wondering the woods at peace & one with nature. I just can't picture myself traveling along the roadside with cars zipping past me, only to hike and camp when I grow too tired to bike anymore. To do such would be quite stressful and difficult. Hiking America instead would be just as difficult, but since I'd be away from speeding cars and long dreary roadways I know I'd be a lot happier and far less stressed. :) Thus, I think I've pretty much decided that instead of having a "Death Ride", a cycle America tour, I'll instead do a "Death Hike", a hike America tour- ^_^ I'll need far less supplies, be able to start a lot sooner, and only need to depend on my own two feet. ;) I certainly like this idea so much more than my previous one~


-Aria D Gaia