Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I just wished to give everyone an update~ ^_^ Things are going smoothly with my cycle training and exercise routine. Every day I am getting closer to my workout & strength goals. I most certainly know that I am on the right path since my camping trip over the past two days! :)

As soon as I left the house & got on the road, I immediately felt all the stress leave me and joy filled my heart; I am most certainly a gypsy soul, happiest on the go. I felt so relaxed and at ease while camping that I walked 16+ miles in a day, just wandering the trails barefoot and never once worried about a thing. Living outdoors in the wild is definitely what my soul craves! :D 

I just have a few more things to work on... I need to shore up on my survival knowledge: what plants & mushrooms are edible, hunting techniques, skinning & tanning techniques, etc. As I learn new things, I shall share them with you. ;) Who knows? Maybe the knowledge I share about getting back to nature will help others out there to do the same & feel more fulfilled in life~ ^_^ 

As for my bicycle rig~ a friend of mine shared a very useful link with me on Facebook:

I have decided to use this idea & combine it with others I have found on the web to make my own compact, travel camper for my bicycle. Once I've finished working out the details and have a good blue-print, I shall share it with you. I have also finalized my gypsy tent design~ It's going to be a pyramid style tent with a 6' x 4' base, windows on the two smaller sides made from recycled lace/sheer curtains, with a loop at its apex so as to be able to hang it from a low hanging tree branch. This way I won't have to worry about carrying a pole to hold up my tent and I won't have one getting in the way once I'm inside it. I'll share those designs with you as well at a later date.

I have also decided that I will be resigning from my post with the Florida Park Service on Labor Day 2017 instead of applying for a leave of absence. It's easier that way~ It'll give my boss the opportunity to hire someone new to fill my place and will give me the freedom to stop at any place I choose to find a new job. I came to this decision after speaking with my assistant manager about it and realized that having to come back to Florida if I suddenly find I love living in.. say.. California.. would most certainly make me miserable. This relieves me of one more anchor and puts me that much closer to the kind of freedom I desire~ ^_^ It also relieves my manager from worrying over things. I'd hate to be the cause of burden to anyone..

So there you have it~ Things are progressing smoothly~ :) Keep up with my adventures here as I will be slowly getting rid of all other social media. It's just too distracting having to keep up with so much stuff when I wish to be doing other things. Take care everyone! ^_^