Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I've Decided~

Okay. I don't feel like waiting 10 years to start living my dream, nor do I feel like earning a Masters degree. Don't get me wrong! I absolutely LOVE to learn! I just no longer have the patience for homework, tests, projects, & grades anymore. >_< Yuck! SO!

I've decided to just take classes for fun if & when I feel like it & to simply continue learning through reading books & watching documentaries as I have been for years. ^_^ I've also decided that I don't care what anyone else thinks, I'm going to have my survival training trip no matter what it takes! I'm going to take the next 2 years to build myself an ultra-light tow trailer for my bicycle, get myself into even better shape, & save up some funds to take a year off from work and bicycle across the USA~ ;)

I'm doing this for several reasons.. 1st- to collect my crew-mates, my nakama, from where they are spread across the country & gather them together in one place so we can start building our ship.. 2nd- I've wanted to go on a survivor's training trip for more than a decade & a half now and I'm SICK of not doing so simply because others are terrified of the prospect when I'm not the least bit scared; in fact I find the prospect thrilling & exciting! 3rd- it'll get my crew & I into excellent shape for our adventure as well as give us some much needed survival training & teamwork building time. 4th- it'll show both my nakama & the world just how serious I am about this venture! ;)

A friend of mine has suggested that I start a Go Fund Me campaign to help me gather funds for the trip and I'm considering it. This is meant to be Survivor's Training, so I refuse to use any money during the trip so long as I can prevent it. However, it would be really awesome to have a Go Pro to document the venture and share it with you, my followers. So.. if I DO decide to start a Go Fund Me campaign, I would use those funds to build my bicycle tow trailer, get me a Go Pro, & furnish what survival supplies I still need to make the journey.

So far it looks like I'll be going from my location to Orlando, Fl to pick my newest & closest crew-mate Seto. Then it'll be on to Georgia to pick up my 1st Mate, Constant. Then on up north to Wisconsin to pick up Leko. Then turn southwest to New Mexico to pick up Xhino. Then lastly, on to northern California to pick up our farthest crew-mate, Terumi Ray. That's gonna be one heck of a loooooong bike ride! If I'm not a lean, mean, fit fighting machine by the time we reach our final destination in Southern California, then I won't ever be! XD LOL! It certainly will be nice having my six-pack back.. Heck! It'll probably be an 8 or even 10-pack of fine solid abs by the time I reach my goal! :D

My crew is getting prepared for my arrival already. We've been discussing this plan for about a week now. We've all gotta get into better shape and need to square some things away before we take off on this venture. I, for one, need to build my trailer, make my gypsy tent, get my concealed weapons permit.. I ain't about to go traveling across the country without some means of defending myself & my crew!.. and also wait for my little brother to graduate so that I can give him my cat & motorcycle. I've decided to let go of every anchor that's weighing me down.. and if my student loans get paid back? Good. If not...? Well... I'll figure that out later. :P I have a feeling that things are going to work out just fine and well within my favor if I just keep pushing the limits. ;)

So there you have it! No more waiting 10 years to get started on my dream! No more round-a-bout ways of trying to do things! I'm just gonna gun straight for it! ;)