Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Go Fund Me Proposal~

Ok.. so.. as I mentioned in my last post, a good friend of mine suggested that I start a Go Fund Me Campaign for my bicycle trip across America. I'm considering it... but if I were to do such a thing, I would make sure that those who contributed to it would be able to get something out of it. So I'm trying to think of somethings I could do to earn each person's contribution...

I could most definitely record how to make a simple Gypsy Tent from recycled materials~ I'm going to make myself one out of old, heavy drapes for me to sleep in each night during my journey. I could also share my designs and techniques for building an ultra-lite tow behind trailer for a bicycle~ I'm going to be building one for mine to hold all my camping & survival gear, as well as my clothes and a few other things I'll be taking with me. I wonder if sharing that information would be enough to ask for $2,500 in a Go Fund Me Campaign...?

If I did do the campaign, I would use the funds to buy the materials I need for my bicycle tow trailer. I would also use the money to purchase myself a Go Pro so that I could document my journey and share survival tips with my blog readers. Maybe including the chance to follow me in my journey through the Go Pro footage would be good for requesting contributions to the Go Fund Me campaign, if I did one..

I did try to start a Facebook page for Dream Ship... I'm afraid I post to it even less than I do to my blog.. I wonder if there's a way to link the two? That way when I post something to the blog, it automatically shows on the Facebook page that I've written something new~ ^_^ That would be a neat feature for Blogger or Facebook to include. ;) I will have a solar panel & my laptop with me throughout my journey, so I will be writing to my blog on a regular basis. Even if I don't get to post it immediately, I'll keep a digital journal of my daily travels stored on my laptop so that when I next hit a WiFi hotspot I'll be able to share it with ya'll~ :)

Could I get a bit of feedback from my readers as to whether you think I should start a Go Fund Me campaign to fund my survivor's bicycle trip across America? I would certainly appreciate the advice!