Saturday, April 11, 2015


I've finally found a lady to join our adventurous little crew!! :D I'm so happy and excited! Our newest crew member, Seto, has been with his lady for years now and they are just so adorable together that I just HAD to have the set! I couldn't bear to only have half of the awesome duo.. so I asked her if she'd be willing to join our crew and sail around the world with us & SHE SAID YES!!! In fact, she said she would be honored! <3 I'm so happy right now I could scream and dance and leap around my apartment!! But it's after midnight and I don't wish to be rude and wake my lovely neighbors, so I'm celebrating in respectful silence by posting up my excitement here~ ;) The best thing about it is that this means I'm no longer going to be the only female aboard the ship! :D It's wonderful! Maybe now that Keyetta has joined us, I'll be able to find more ladies as wild & tenacious as we are! XD I want 3 or 4 more females~ ;) 9 or 10 tenacious lords & ladies to be apart of my adventurous little crew! :D That would be HEAVEN! \(>o<)/



Friday, April 10, 2015

The Week After Next-

This next week I'm required to attend Ranger Academy in order to continue on as a Park Ranger for the Florida Park Service. I've waited 18 months to attend it & have been passed up twice, but this time I'm going. My dream may not be to remain a ranger for the rest of my life, but being a ranger is the one thing I don't mind doing outside my dream. I've gotta earn money somehow, so I'd rather be doing something I enjoy, where I can be outdoors, & help to protect at least one part of the world I love so much~ ^_^ So as long as I have to work in order to get the money I need to make my dreams a reality, I will work as a ranger. ;)

The week after will start my training for cycling across America. Wednesdays will be the day I cycle to work for the next 4-6 weeks until it's easy and my body is used to it, then I'll add on Fridays as well. I'm also doing a yoga & workout routine at home in order to build up my physical strength. My goals for the end of this year are to be able to do 75 crunches, 50 pushups, 100 squats (while holding an extra 15lbs or more), & at least 1 FULL pullup. I can do 5 half pullups right now, but I can't seem to get a full pullup in at all yet. I'm using strength & core building yoga exercises to also help build my back & arm strength, so hopefully I'll have improved enough by the end of the year to do at least one full pullup. :)

Listening to videos from Absolute Motivation on YouTube has been a great motivator for me and makes me want to push myself even harder to achieve far more than my goals. If you haven't heard their videos yet, you should! Here's their YouTube channel:  ~ ^_^

Right now, my measurements are 35-25.5-37.5 in my bust-waist-hips. My goal is to reach 36-24-36~ ;) I may not reach it this year, but that is my ultimate goal. ^_^ I'm sure Sir Mix-A-Lot would approve~ I AM 5'3"! XD lol! 

Anyway~ I just wished to share my plans and workout goals with you~ :) 

Don't forget! LIVE YOUR DREAMS! No one else can live your dreams nor make them happen but YOU! So believe in yourself and fight for them! ;) I believe in you- <3 Now believe in yourself! :D


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Labor Day 2017~

That will be the day I turn in the keys to my apartment and hit the road to gather my crew! That gives me 2.5 years to training and get into even better shape. It will also give me the time I need to get all the camping/survival gear I still don't have, get myself a concealed weapons permit & self defense training for safety, build my ultra-lite tow trailer for my bicycle for all my gear, make my gypsy tent, purchase the solar panel I'll need for charging my laptop in order to keep a daily log of my travels to post here for my readers to read once I've reached a WiFi hotspot where I can upload new posts, and tie up a few other loose ends here & there before my journey.

So far our final destination will be either LA or San Francisco in California. Major cities always have jobs needing to be filled as well as inexpensive housing in their low-rent district. Since I'm hoping to cycle ~50 miles per day, we should be able to cover the entire United States from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast within 4 months. Thus, the goal is to be in LA or San Fran by New Years 2018. The next 2.5 years will be spent training, learning self-defense, prepping, studying, and dematerializing (i.e. getting rid of my countless, non-essential possessions). 

I chose Labor Day 2017 because that will allow my lil brother time to graduate from high school, get a job, & get his own place so that I can give him my cat, Merlin, & my motorcycle before I leave for California. I don't think Merlin would be up to riding in a basket on my bicycle all the way across America. :3 My lil brother has already begged to keep him before and he loves the fact that I ride a motorcycle, says he wants one too, so I figured that his place would be the best place for both my cat and motorcycle. My motorcycle is small, just a 250cc Honda Rebel, and it's got over 21,000 miles on it, so it'd be perfect for him to learn on. :) I love that he thinks I'm such a cool big sis (Dad told me he said so), so I want to give him all the best I can. ^_^

So there you have it! Labor Day 2017 will be the start date for my bicycle trip across America from Florida to California with a myriad of stops along to way to pick up the separate members of my crew who are scattered all over the states. I will keep you updated on my progress with my training and even post my gypsy tent & ultra-lite bicycle tow trailer designs, step-by-step production photos/videos, and more! :D Stay tuned in to Dream Ship for info on my progress!



Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Etsy Closed for Good-

With the change in my plans, I no longer have the time to deal with selling my works online through Etsy. It's also awfully expensive to keep the Etsy store open all the time with the few sales I've made. However, I will still honor requests through email should anyone truly wish to purchase something seen here on my blog though~ Simply email me at with your request and we can work things out that way. I make Steampunk accessories, jewelry, bears, bags, costume pieces (i.e. cosplay outfits, Halloween costumes), & more! Simply email me and we can discuss the details as to what you would like for me to make for you and how much it will cost. ^_^

As always, thank you all so much for your support!



Go Fund Me Proposal~

Ok.. so.. as I mentioned in my last post, a good friend of mine suggested that I start a Go Fund Me Campaign for my bicycle trip across America. I'm considering it... but if I were to do such a thing, I would make sure that those who contributed to it would be able to get something out of it. So I'm trying to think of somethings I could do to earn each person's contribution...

I could most definitely record how to make a simple Gypsy Tent from recycled materials~ I'm going to make myself one out of old, heavy drapes for me to sleep in each night during my journey. I could also share my designs and techniques for building an ultra-lite tow behind trailer for a bicycle~ I'm going to be building one for mine to hold all my camping & survival gear, as well as my clothes and a few other things I'll be taking with me. I wonder if sharing that information would be enough to ask for $2,500 in a Go Fund Me Campaign...?

If I did do the campaign, I would use the funds to buy the materials I need for my bicycle tow trailer. I would also use the money to purchase myself a Go Pro so that I could document my journey and share survival tips with my blog readers. Maybe including the chance to follow me in my journey through the Go Pro footage would be good for requesting contributions to the Go Fund Me campaign, if I did one..

I did try to start a Facebook page for Dream Ship... I'm afraid I post to it even less than I do to my blog.. I wonder if there's a way to link the two? That way when I post something to the blog, it automatically shows on the Facebook page that I've written something new~ ^_^ That would be a neat feature for Blogger or Facebook to include. ;) I will have a solar panel & my laptop with me throughout my journey, so I will be writing to my blog on a regular basis. Even if I don't get to post it immediately, I'll keep a digital journal of my daily travels stored on my laptop so that when I next hit a WiFi hotspot I'll be able to share it with ya'll~ :)

Could I get a bit of feedback from my readers as to whether you think I should start a Go Fund Me campaign to fund my survivor's bicycle trip across America? I would certainly appreciate the advice!



I've Decided~

Okay. I don't feel like waiting 10 years to start living my dream, nor do I feel like earning a Masters degree. Don't get me wrong! I absolutely LOVE to learn! I just no longer have the patience for homework, tests, projects, & grades anymore. >_< Yuck! SO!

I've decided to just take classes for fun if & when I feel like it & to simply continue learning through reading books & watching documentaries as I have been for years. ^_^ I've also decided that I don't care what anyone else thinks, I'm going to have my survival training trip no matter what it takes! I'm going to take the next 2 years to build myself an ultra-light tow trailer for my bicycle, get myself into even better shape, & save up some funds to take a year off from work and bicycle across the USA~ ;)

I'm doing this for several reasons.. 1st- to collect my crew-mates, my nakama, from where they are spread across the country & gather them together in one place so we can start building our ship.. 2nd- I've wanted to go on a survivor's training trip for more than a decade & a half now and I'm SICK of not doing so simply because others are terrified of the prospect when I'm not the least bit scared; in fact I find the prospect thrilling & exciting! 3rd- it'll get my crew & I into excellent shape for our adventure as well as give us some much needed survival training & teamwork building time. 4th- it'll show both my nakama & the world just how serious I am about this venture! ;)

A friend of mine has suggested that I start a Go Fund Me campaign to help me gather funds for the trip and I'm considering it. This is meant to be Survivor's Training, so I refuse to use any money during the trip so long as I can prevent it. However, it would be really awesome to have a Go Pro to document the venture and share it with you, my followers. So.. if I DO decide to start a Go Fund Me campaign, I would use those funds to build my bicycle tow trailer, get me a Go Pro, & furnish what survival supplies I still need to make the journey.

So far it looks like I'll be going from my location to Orlando, Fl to pick my newest & closest crew-mate Seto. Then it'll be on to Georgia to pick up my 1st Mate, Constant. Then on up north to Wisconsin to pick up Leko. Then turn southwest to New Mexico to pick up Xhino. Then lastly, on to northern California to pick up our farthest crew-mate, Terumi Ray. That's gonna be one heck of a loooooong bike ride! If I'm not a lean, mean, fit fighting machine by the time we reach our final destination in Southern California, then I won't ever be! XD LOL! It certainly will be nice having my six-pack back.. Heck! It'll probably be an 8 or even 10-pack of fine solid abs by the time I reach my goal! :D

My crew is getting prepared for my arrival already. We've been discussing this plan for about a week now. We've all gotta get into better shape and need to square some things away before we take off on this venture. I, for one, need to build my trailer, make my gypsy tent, get my concealed weapons permit.. I ain't about to go traveling across the country without some means of defending myself & my crew!.. and also wait for my little brother to graduate so that I can give him my cat & motorcycle. I've decided to let go of every anchor that's weighing me down.. and if my student loans get paid back? Good. If not...? Well... I'll figure that out later. :P I have a feeling that things are going to work out just fine and well within my favor if I just keep pushing the limits. ;)

So there you have it! No more waiting 10 years to get started on my dream! No more round-a-bout ways of trying to do things! I'm just gonna gun straight for it! ;)