Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tat: Nakama Tattoo + D.S. Flag~

Below is the tattoo I just finished designing for myself and any of my nakama who wish to also get it. Nakama is Japanese for comrade, or very close friend(s) that you depend on. I consider my crew to be my nakama as we are all in this venture together and will be depending on each other greatly. The inspiration is from my #1 favorite anime One Piece written by Eiichiro Oda.

[**If you haven't seen or read One Piece, the following is a spoiler**]

In one of my favorite scenes, Princess Vivi of Alabasta is calling out to the Strawhat Pirates who had just finished helping her save her country and her people from a horribly evil pirate, asking them if they would still consider her their nakama even though she chose to stay behind to watch over her people instead of joining them and becoming a pirate herself. She had called this out to them over a loud speaker while Marines were chasing after the Strawhats, trying to arrest them since they are pirates wanted by the World Government. Instead of calling out to her in response, which would have made her an enemy of the World Government also since the Marines had heard everything, they simply raised their left arms in silence to show her the nakama mark they had all worn (including Vivi) during the battle against the evil pirate in order for them all to know that it was indeed them and not one of the enemy that could shape shift to look & sound just like them. Here is an image of the scene:

Can you all see the "X" written on their arms? :) Well~ Here is my Nakama Tattoo~ It's an "X" with my Dream Ship flag emblem over the top of it. ^_^ I hope ya'll like it! :D

Oh! lol! I never shared an image of my flag for Dream Ship! XD Here ya go! The sailboat logo in the top corner of this page is the logo for my organization. However, this is the flag my ship will be flying when we finally set sail~ It's a 4-tailed comet oriented in such a way that it appears to be coming right at you. ;) I used the very same colors for the emblem as I used for my logo, garnet & gold~ I'll be hand sewing my own flag on dark blue canvas which will been tie-dyed black in the center to give it the appearance you see here. ^_^ I hope ya'll like my flag design also! <3