Sunday, December 6, 2015

O.o On 2nd thought-

Maybe opening up an art studio/cafe isn't what I want- I want to help people, not run a tiresome business! >_< So I have a better idea~ :)

I'll open up my home to people & be a free dream counselor! :D Or maybe I should say mentor? Advisor? I don't know- I'm just not real fond of the word counselor.. :P I can still do a cafe setting- I'll just set it up out in my own yard! I'll work with people by appointment, be it one on one or group appointments. I can still serve tea, coffee, cakes, & cookies & I won't have to worry about any stupid BS regulations or red tape! Each person would be my guest & I a hostess in my own home so none of that BS would apply- Plus, I would be doing it for free~ :D So I could help more people & not have to worry about taxation, business registration, nor any kind of regulations! ^_^

I like this a whole lot better! I could do this in my free time & not have to worry about anything. If people feel compelled to pay me in some way for my time or the tea, I will simply ask them to donate some tea, coffee, or snacks of their own choosing for future visits or visitors~ :) It will be at my home on my 1/2 acre farm, so I could serve fresh fruits to visitors as well if I have any ready for harvest. Yes! I like the idea of being a free dream counselor/mentor/advisor much better instead of an actual business woman! ^_^

As for my arts & crafts? I will figure out how I wish to handle the selling of that separately- :3


-Aria D Gaia


They continually evolve as life goes on~ :)

Do not be afraid to alter your dreams as you move forward in life as life is a dance between what you want most & what you fear most. Time & again I have set forth upon a specific path and found that along the way life would throw in roadblocks, speed bumps, & blind 90 degree turns that I have been forced to navigate or find my way around. I no longer fight them as each has brought forth a new realization & understanding of both myself & the world around me. Thus, my dreams keep evolving~

The latest evolution has come with my realization that I still wish to be my very own business owner. I still wish for my very own art studio, but I also yearn to have my very own cafe where people can come in and relax, speak with me about their dreams, & maybe even find the answers that they seek for the questions in their heads & hearts. I have always been a dreamer & it has come to attention that my purpose in life is to help mentor others in their dreams, help them to make them come true, & help them to believe in themselves so that they can make their dreams a reality. 

Thus, when I move to Hawaii, I will eventually open up my very own art studio & cafe called the Dream Cafe & Studio~ :) It will be a place where people can seek out advice & information on how to achieve their dreams through myself & the free internet access I shall provide there. They could come in & relax, shop through my handmade crafts, or even just enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee. There will be no rushing, no fast food, no disposable cups to take the tea or coffee on the go- It will be a place for people to come in, slow down, & relax. If people wish to bring in their own mugs to take their beverage to go, they may~ However, I refuse to have any cups, plates, or utensils that are for one time use which will then be thrown out. No! All things will be washed and reused as they are supposed to be.

My goal in life is to help others realize their dreams & help make them come true, even if all I do is believe in them and offer them a kind word or two. :) I wish to fill this world with dreams, love, & positivity~ It is through living my own dreams that I will be able to make this come true. ^_^


-Aria D Gaia

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I fear my dreams of sailing around the world have been put to an end.... :'(

The darkness of the world now has grown far too thick & dangerous.... I cannot guarantee the safety of my nakama, my crew, my friends.... 

The Great Spirit is now calling me to a greater end- Pulling me towards a path that I have been hesitant to follow & blocked off from for most of my life, but now have access to through a very good friend. 

I cannot say for sure that I must absolutely abandon my dream to sail around the world & bring light to those who need it... However, I fear now that the current state of things the world over will prevent it. I fear that World War III is upon us, my dear friends..... TT^TT.......... & that there is little to nothing we can do to stop it-

I shall continue to save, work, & hope for the best... that this dark cloud passes swiftly & that things brighten after its passing. However, there is now another path I must follow in order to survive what I fear to be coming. I pray for the world & all my brothers & sisters of every race, creed, & clan....

May this darkness pass over us & our hearts lead us to a brighter end-


-Aria D Gaia

Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Excellent Tip! :D

I was at work today, discussing my dreams of sailing around the world, exploring, helping people, & extending the American classroom to include the wide open world through video & online classes with a teacher who is retiring & she gave me the most EXCELLENT tip! :D

She told me to contact National Geographic & speak with them about my plans- She said that they sponsor people all the time to do this sort of stuff & that they may very well be interested in adding me & my crew to their explorer roster! KYA!!! XD 

When I went on further to explain my plans for the building of our custom ship & how it's going to be designed to be completely green... i.e. completely fossil fuel free... she was even more insistent that I contact them, saying that something like that would be completely up their alley! :D

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! :D I am SO excited right now! The possibilities with something like that are literally ENDLESS!!! XD If National Geographic were to take me on as one of their explorers, I would have a full time job doing EXACTLY what I love!! <3 

I am SOOOOO looking into this! :D As soon as I'm a bit more solid on the planning, I'm going to give them a call! XD This could be EPIC!!! \(>o<)/


-Aria D Gaia

Monday, October 26, 2015

Recap of recent developments~

So! As you know, I have had a lot of upheaval happening in my life recently as far as my health & dreams are concerned. However, I'm not giving up- I'm going back to my 10 year Park Ranger plan where I will work for the park service until I am ready to retire & set sail. This will give me the money I need to accomplish my dreams as well as the security I need as far as healthcare is concerned for both me and my future child.

I will be purchasing land in Ocean View, Hawai'i within the next year and I can't be more excited! I just learned that Ocean View is ranked the second most dangerous area to live on the main island, second only to living on the actual volcano summits of Mauna Loa & Kilauea. This just makes me wish to live there even more! :D  It'll take me a year to purchase the property then another 6 months to a year to save up for the move. Once there, I shall get to work building myself a tiny trailer home so that if & when another lava flow heads towards the property, I'll be able to remove the house & not lose anything. 

Some of my crew & friends wish to move to Hawai'i with me, so hopefully I won't have to go it alone there. However, I will if I must and prosper just the same. :) The Hawaiian Volcano National Park staff responded to my email the other day saying that they look forward to having me there on the island working with them at the park. Of course, there aren't any job openings (& there haven't been in a looooong while), so I'll have to start off as a volunteer there, but if that's what it takes to get my foot in the door, I will do it! Working at a volcano park has been my dream as a geologist & park ranger ever since I graduated from FSU! If I absolutely MUST work, I might as well work at something I enjoy & volcanoes are amazing! :D

I'm also considering starting up my own little shop where I might sell my upcycled clothing & accessories~ :) I think I'll call it "Gaia's Dream Shop" & I'll even teach sewing classes to adults & children. If my friend comes with me & adds her crochet work to the inventory at the shop then I may consider a different name that represents the both of us. Then I'll let her run the shop when I take off to sail around the world. ^_^

We'll see how things work out, but right now things are good~ :)


-Aria D Gaia

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My health & worries..

With the results of today's tilt table test still fresh in my mind.. I am beginning to realize that my health is not as good as I thought it was. There's a high probability that once all the exams & tests are done that the cardiologist will give me a prescription to take daily in order to regulate my heart. You see, I have a heart condition known as NeuroCardioGenic Syncope, or Syncopy for short... & that may not be all that's wrong with my heart.. :/

What my condition basically entails is that the signals my nerves send to my heart when I am under stress get jumbled & my heart doesn't know what to do, thus causing it to do the opposite of what it should do. For example, when a person gets too dehydrated their blood pressure drops. This is when your nerves are supposed to tell your heart to beat faster in order to regulate your blood pressure and keep up the optimum blood flow throughout your body. Well...? My heart doesn't do that. 

When I get too dehydrated or stressed causing my blood pressure to drop the electrical signals to my heart telling it to beat faster get jumbled.. causing my heart to get confused which then causes it to slow down dropping my heart rate & blood pressure to rock bottom lows within seconds. This in turn causes me to  first get dizzy, then to black out & collapse if I don't stop & rest immediately. If it's bad enough.. I could go into cardiac arrest. This is why I'm not allowed to have caffeine or alcohol. Too much caffeine & I can have a heart attack. Too much alcohol & I can go into cardiac arrest.

Basically, My heart doesn't know how to regulate itself thanks to faulty wiring- :(

It's something I was born with, so I've lived with it my whole life. However, it's not a condition that is constant. Some days I'm totally fine & could practically run a marathon~ Other days.. I can hardly get out of bed without the whole world spinning around my head. On my good days, I'm all gung ho & ready to take on the world. On my not-so-good days, I worry that my health won't allow me to accomplish my dreams..

If I am given medication by my new cardiologist..... I may seriously have to reconsider my sailing venture. I've gone 8 years without meds, but the heat this past summer with me working hard outside all day long as a park ranger really took it's toll on me. I am beginning to fear what might happen on the ship if we're caught out in a storm & my heart condition suddenly kicks in. Who will take care of my child? Who will take care of my crew? If I'm taken down by my condition, who will lead them & watch over them? What will happen to them..& to me?

As much as I long for adventure & to travel, the lives on my future child & my crew are far more important to me. If something were to happen to me... what would happen to them....? :'(

So now.. Now I'm wondering if I might have to reconsider how I go about accomplishing my sailing venture. Before I wanted to cut ties with everything & just live self-sufficient & free upon the sea with no rules other than my own. Now..? If my health requires that I must take medication in order to remain stable & healthy, then I will have to either find a way to keep up with my health insurance, thus requiring a job or lots of money... or I will have to find a natural alternative for the medicine. As long as I take things easy & go at my own pace, I'm fine without meds- :) Well.. For the most part anyway~

I will also have to make sure that I have a 2nd in command on the ship that will be able to take over if anything should happen to me. Someone who will watch over my future child & crew as if they were family as I would. With several of my crew mates now no longer sure that they will be joining me on my venture, that position is now in question.. 

*heavy sigh* ......................... :(

I'm at a loss..... :'( I refuse to give up my dreams! However... my dreams may need to evolve into something more modern than I had originally intended. I was hoping to escape the current standards of living & bring back the simpler days of old sailing upon the sea, just using more modern technology for energy & fresh food on board. Now though.. I may have to do something a bit different....

That's ok though~ :) As long as I can become a mother & travel the world helping people, I don't care how I go about it. If I have to split my sailing adventure into shorter legs only spending a few months at sea rather than whole years at a time, then so be it~ If that's what it takes to make my dreams come true, then that's just what I'll do! :D I've decided that I shall try to specialize as an artist. Right now I dabble in all forms of art, but that makes it hard for me to gain greater talent in any one form. I absolutely LOVE upcycling! <3 So that's what I'll focus on~ ;)

Upcycling old things into new doesn't limit me on what I can make. I like that- :) It only limits what materials I use to create my pieces. The things I like to make most are unique dresses & accessories~ :3 So my upcycling work will focus on hand-made items for use or wear. ^_^ I consider stuffed toys accessories as well, so I'll still be making bears, bunnies, & more for the kids~ ;) Basically, all these things require sewing & I sew everything by hand. Jewelry making will be the only thing that won't require sewing, but I'll continue doing that as well. :)

Recently, I've decided to purchase land in Hawai'i~ ^_^ I've found perfect barren lava rock property there that I can easily afford to purchase within a year, so I'm going to do so. I see it as an investment~ ;) Also, it'll put me in the Pacific which is where I wish my home port to be for when I take to the sea. Not only that, Hawai'i is by far my most favorite state! I've lived there for a year when I was a child & I've yet to find a place better- :3 Once there, I will look at starting up my own little art studio where I will sell my creations. :) I may have even found a business partner who has already expressed interest in moving to Hawai'i with me~ <3

I also wish to start writing~ I've been a daydreamer my whole entire life & I can create the most wonderful worlds & epic stories! I just haven't been able to get myself to focus on just one story long enough to actually see it through.. so I'll have to work on that. :3 If I can write a good book & become a decent author, I can use that as a source of income as well. I've also made all kinds of retirement plans, including a 1/2 acre farm & hosting hot air balloon tours from my own back yard with a balloon I shall build myself! XD

So even though my current health situation has me a little worried about how to go about my future endeavors, I still have a lot of ideas, hopes, & aspirations. I will find a way to make it all happen! I know I will! :D I've done everything else I've set my mind to & no stupid genetic heart condition is going to stop me now or ever! ;) Dream Ship WILL happen & the D.S. Sunny Freedom WILL sail! & when I retire? I shall retire to the D.S. Mini Merry & the D.S. Sky Rider, my smaller private sailing vessel & my future hot air balloon~ ^_^


-Aria D Gaia

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Things are looking up~ :)

At the moment, I am attending to my overall health. However, once I have restored myself to full health & had my heart condition thoroughly diagnosed, I will then be able to get back to planning my first of many mini survival trips~ ^_^ Since I've decided to continue working as a park ranger in order to save money & support my future child, the Hike America trip shall be broken up into pieces and stretched over my future camping trips using my vacation time from work. :) 

I shall pick several different locations & hiking trails in which to explore, one location per vacation. Each trip will be a mini survival trip with me hunting, fishing, & foraging for whatever food I need at each location I visit. Hopefully, some of my crew will be able to join me on these trips. I'll even bring my child on them~ Unless, of course, Grandma wishes to spoil her grandchild while I'm away & volunteers to watch over him or her. :P

Once I've finished paying any medical bills I may accrue over the next two months, I shall begin saving for a piece of land in Hawaii & a car. I shall also start taking the ballroom dancing classes I have always longed to take. I've even considering taking another college course in the spring~ :) If I were to get a Masters in Volcanology, then I could secure a position at the volcano observatory in Hawaii or at least be a ranger at their national park. ^_^

Even though the man I had hoped would be willing to help me have a child has decided that he would rather not, it doesn't change a thing. I shall simply visit the sperm bank in Ocala & discuss with them what measures would be best for me to safely conceive & bear my future child. Who says a woman needs a man in order to have a child? All a woman needs is sperm & good solid conviction to be a rocking, awesome single mom! ;)

So even though I am a little sad that the man I've fallen for has decided that he doesn't want to be a bigger part of my life.. All things consider, my life is going quite well~ ^_^ I'm slowly becoming an early bird & it brings me joy to watch the sun rise each morning. We'll soon be switching to a 10-hr day, 4 days a week at work with 3 days off and a set schedule each week, so I'll be able to get out more. Plus, I'll be able to save up enough money to buy the land I want by the end of 2016~ :D

I'm still going to retire between the age of 40 to 45 & then sail around the world helping others. I'll soon be using my 3 days of each week to do volunteer work. Also, I've been preparing both myself & my home for my future child. So.. Yes- Things are certainly looking up! ^_^


-Aria D Gaia

Friday, September 25, 2015

Lesson Learned..

Lately, I've been pushing myself super hard & constantly on the go, go, go. I've been traveling to see family or entertaining family at home. Been running all over to spend time with friends & loved ones. At work, I've been pushing myself to do more & more, despite the heat and my slowly failing health.. Now I'm sick. I nearly pushed myself to the point of developing Pneumonia.. & it's taught me something...

I need to slow down-

I'm happiest going at my own pace which is leisurely & allowing myself to absorb the wonder of life & the world around me. When I force myself to go, go, go at the speed of the rest of this fast paced world, I wind up becoming so stressed out that I get sick..... & for some reason it always seems to happen at the end of Summer when the season turns to Autumn once more.. :/ Weird- Anyway!

Sitting here, sick at home, I've been reviewing my vision for my dreams: to be a mother; to sail the world; to live life self-sufficiently as a hunter, gatherer, farmer; to make a difference in the world around me... & all of them.. ALL of them! I have always envisioned accomplishing at my usual slow, leisurely pace. Life is NOT a race! No matter how hard I push myself, nothing's going to get accomplished any faster & I'll only succeed in stressing myself out & making myself sick in the process. That is NOT what I want-

I've come to realize that I have another wish intertwined within my dreams... & that is to live my life happily, to experience all I can, & to see all the wonder & magic in life that exists all around. If I'm always on the run, how am I ever to see all that? I can't- Running around like everyone else does here in America causes me to miss the little things.. the tiny things.... The kinds of things one can only see when they are completely absorbed in the moment. 

Like... the little butterfly that flutters across my path.. or the new blossoming flowers that weren't there the day before.. the little girl smiling & laughing as she shows her mom her new toy.. or the couple picking on each other as they browse through the store.. the feel of the cool breeze across my skin & through my hair.. or the feel of the rain as it falls upon me & all around.. the sound of birds singing or waves crashing upon the shore.. It is those tiny little things that bring my life joy~ :3

It is for this reason that I refuse to work a 2nd job ever again, even though I know for a fact that it would allow me to save up a lot more money a lot faster. It is why I constantly like to get away from this fast paced world and sit quietly among nature or people watch here in town. Constantly being on the run like most people are these days, is for me a one way ticket to living a life stressed out, sick, & exhausted. I need my slow, leisurely pace & time to myself among nature in order to stay healthy & happy~

So- From now on.. I refuse to overexert myself as I have been this past summer. I'm going to work at MY pace. NOT someone else's- I will live each & every one of my dreams & fulfill all of my wishes in my way & not worry about what anyone else thinks or says about my pace or way of life. I may not seem like an overachiever at work, but I also won't be a slacker. I'll do my part and contribute to the park in my own way. :) No more trying to live up to everyone else's standards- I'm going to live by MINE! ;)


-Aria D Gaia

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ugghhh... :(

This past week or so has been killer on the spirit.... :( But also quite healing as well~ :)

I do not wish to go into too much detail, but basically some of my old demons & insecurities decided to rear their ugly heads which stressed me out and made me angry... Then things got super stressful at work on top of it, making things even more irritating- :'( However- Things are much better now~ :)

I've basically gone through a mini transformation both mentally & spiritually over the past week & a half. Nothing's changed as far as my dreams are concerned, they've only become more embellished & refined. ;) I'm now in a better & healthier place mentally & spiritually, so I'll be able to tackle things more resolutely than I would have before. :) I've come to realize... that I truly am loved~ :3 It's a new feeling for me & every time I think about it I get teary-eyed. I've spent most of my life believing that no one loved me & that I never should have been born, but since finding my real father, I have come to find that I am loved by him more than I ever thought possible. It's really opened my eyes. I also now have people around me in this tiny little town that care & show it in a myriad of different ways. I never had that before either.

Now I've had many good friends over the recent past few years that have stuck by me, who I know care & I love them dearly. However, I never really felt truly loved at my core until just recently. My biggest & strongest pain was that my parents never really loved me and only saw me as a burden.. I firmly believed that for over 25 years. However, over the past 6 years (since finding my real father especially), I have slowly come to see that my parents DO love me. My mother may not show it in the obvious ways or in ways that I would have recognized in the past, but I have begun to recognize her ways of showing love recently & it has been a boon to me. I've even come to recognize my step-family's ways & that has brought me joy as well.

Never having my real father in my life was very painful and confusing for me growing up, but now that I've found him & he's in my life now.. everything is different~ <3 My real father is everything I had ever wanted in a father & he's the kind of loving parent I had always longed for, so having him in my life now & knowing he's MINE by blood has made me so proud & happy to be his child~ As well as to be alive. :) I'm even finding love with the man I've been seeing lately; the one I recently called my "donor daddy".. all that is still up in the air, but it's ok~ I've no wish to rush things- ;) Our lives at the moment are going in two different directions, so we've decided to keep things simple & just be really good friends~ But even that has become so very fulfilling for me. :3

& above all I am learning that even though Life isn't going perfectly like I would like to sometimes force it to be.. it's still the most incredible journey~ :D & if I were to simply let go of the control & enjoy things, Life becomes all the more beautiful & enchanting~ ^_^

Oh! I've decided to purchase a piece of land in my dream state of Hawaii! :D I've no plans of moving there until after my grand adventure as of yet, but I wish to have a place I can retire to & not have to worry about finding a place to call home anymore. I've even begun to envision the most wonderful fantasy style home that I'd like to build there~ The land I'm considering is nothing but lava rock with absolutely no vegetation in sight, but that means I've got the PERFECT building material right there on the land provided for me for free by Mother Nature herself! XD

I'm envisioning a hobbit style home with the lava rock built up into a small, low hill.. kinda like the EarthShip homes you see online. Then I wish to build a lava rock sculpture of a grand tree, cover it with native flowering vines so that it looks alive, then build an elf-like light-weight tree house among it's branches! :D KYA!! Simply MAGICAL sounding, isn't it!? XD Of course.. it'll take forever to build it all, but I feel it'll be the perfect retirement project~ ^_^ & while I'm working on all that I'll live in a small shack with solar panels on the roof, living an entirely self-sufficient lifestyle with a 1/2 acre farm with a small green house, pygmy goats, & a puppy dog. <3

America is my home~ She's not perfect & she infuriates me at times, but this is where I was born... & it's everything I know. It pains me to know that the American reputation in some places is a nasty one.. but I can only do my best to be a good human being in order to show how that reputation is no reflection of every American. I seriously hate stereotypes... >:( But the only way to combat them is to be a living example of just how wrong they are. ;)

Just like how some people believe red-heads are cold-hearted & cruel mean little witches.. Well..? Get to know me & you'll find one of the kindest & warm-hearted women around. :) Sure- I CAN be cold.. even mean at times... but I never take pleasure in it. I never like hurting others. I only get that way towards people who truly are witches & monsters. Like bullies- I DO NOT put up with bullies! I've been bullied my entire life & I finally had enough of it when I was 17. I decided to finally get up & take a stand against it. Now I defend anyone & everyone within reach against bullies. The problem is that sometimes the only way to stop a bully is to get mean. Sometimes they just never had anyone show them how their actions hurt others. I put bullies in their place in a respectful, but strong way- I don't think what I do is mean, but I have been told that I can be extremely scary when I get angry & speak out against a bully. *shrugs* I guess it's all in how I carry myself when I get angry.. lol~ Oh well- Whatever it is, it works. The bullies stop and I never see them bully another person ever again. :)

I also never hold a grudge~ ;) That's key in teaching young ones not to bully. I taught English in S. Korea for 2 years & had to deal with a teenage bully who would bully even the teachers, treating the other children (some half her age) so badly they'd be in tears. Well- One day I had had enough. The boss was out for the day & since everyone else was too scared of her parents getting angry to put her in her place.. I did- She had made a little girl cry by flicking her off, harassing her, calling her all kinds of nasty names, and kicking her out of the movie room where all the other kids were watching a movie in English. When my Korean co-teacher told me what had happened, I marched right up to the classroom and said, "YOU! OUT! NOW!" The bully sat there flabbergasted and tried to deny everything, but I looked at her pointedly and said, "Dorothy-teacher told me EXACTLY what you did! Get downstairs! NOW! You DO NOT treat the other kids like that!" Then I marched her 13-yr-old little behind downstairs. After that, I took the hand of the 8-yr-old she had bullied and walked up her up to the movie room, talked with her kindly, & sat with her until she had stopped crying & was laughing at the movie. From then on, the 13-yr-old never bullied another soul at the school & she began treating all of us with respect. Once I saw that, I complimented her, spoke with her gently, helped her with her English more when she had questions, & even rewarded her for her good grammar & manners~ :) Once she saw that she would not be treated harshly if she treated others with respect, she changed. It was a total transformation and all it took was a firm hand with absolutely no tolerance for disrespect followed by a gentle hand of forgiveness & kindness. ;)

Anyway... O.o.... I've completely lost track of where I was going with this post, but.. oh well- LOL! XD I just wished to write to everyone and let you know that all is well here and that things are looking up. In just a month or two, once things cool down a bit here, I'll be getting to work on cleaning up the tiny little town where I live & getting my social movement.. well.. MOVING! XD I'll post pictures & stories of everything going on here in regards to Dream Ship~ :D So please look forward to them! ^_^

& as always~ LIVE YOUR DREAMS! ;)

-Aria D Gaia

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hey everyone~

Sorry for the long absence, but I've had a lot going on and a lot on my mind as of late. You see, something happened to me a few weeks back that made me question everything I've had planned and all my priorities. I thought I had become pregnant~ & for that first week, I was so happy & thrilled I was literally on Cloud 9. So high up was my heart, mind, & soul that I refused to believe it when the take home tests kept telling me I wasn't... until the irrefutable truth finally set in and made itself known. Learning that I was NOT pregnant was probably the most heart wrenching thing I've experienced in a long time. I cried my heart out- But it made me realize something...

It made me realize that I want to have a child more than anything else in this universe. Far more than anything else I have thus far wished to have. I've always longed to have a child and I've spoken of it often. However, I have always been waiting & waiting for the right guy to come along.. and now I've waited 16 YEARS & yet Mr. Right still eludes me. I just keep getting older and older... and life's not going to wait forever- Eventually, it'll be too late to have a child and I've come to see that being told that I can't have a child is probably my #1 greatest fear. So.. despite the disappointment I've had to endure the past week.. I'm glad it all happened, because it made me rethink things & realize that I need to reorganize my priorities at bit.

It doesn't affect my overall plan at all- ;) I still plan to retire at 40 and set sail around the world on the D.S. Sunny Freedom that I have yet to build. I will still do everything I can to make the world a better place for all those around me. I will also still go on my backpacking trip across the country. I am still going to have a child before I turn 35. The only thing it's changing is the order in which I wish to accomplish all these things~

Thinking about things realistically & logically.. I'm probably in the absolute BEST position to have my child NOW. I've got a wonderful job which pays well and has excellent health benefits. I'm settled in a quaint little town that is perfectly safe for small children to grow up in. There's even a daycare center that just opened up down the street from my place. I've even found a brand new art co-op just the other day that is willing to sell my art on commission. Things are going extremely well for me right now and I've even been able to save up a decent amount of money for my future ship in the form of a 401k through work. If I stay on with the FPS for 4 more years, I'll be a vested employee and earn even more benefits towards my early retirement. So if I'm looking to raise a child, I'm in the best position NOW to do so!

If I were to go ahead with my previous plan of resigning in 6-8 months to do my backpacking trip.. there would be absolutely no guarantee that I'd be able to find such a nice job again; much less find one quickly. I'd be putting not only my health & my child's health at risk, but I'd be putting all of my future plans at risk by going off somewhere else, only to find that I can't find a decent job or can only find a job without the nice benefits. I may not be able to afford to have my child and still save up for everything I desire to accomplish. If I stay here, I'll have no problems in doing so- Also, if I were to have my child now, my child would be 8 or 9 years old when I set sail instead of only 4 or 5.. & frankly? The older my child is when we set sail, the better- For many reasons~

So, not only am I in the perfect position to have a child & raise him or her as a single momma as I was pretty much betting I'd end up having to do anyway... I've also found someone that I really care about who is willing to be the father of my child.. A lot of the reason I haven't been on all month is because I've been spending my time with him and loving every single moment of it~ :3 He's a single father himself and loves his child more than anything. That's part of what attracted me to him- He's also the first man to treat me with the kind of love, respect, and kindness I have always longed for. He's everything I've been looking for in a man really... & he supports me in my dreams more than anything. So I really am in the best position now for having my baby~

Realistically & logically, it really does make a lot more sense to stay where I'm at and go ahead & have my child. Most of my crew is nowhere near ready to go off adventuring with me anyway. Especially, if I were to rush off in 6-8 months! I would most likely end up going alone or with just one or two of the crew with me.. and that's not what I want. I want us all together throughout all our adventures. I can still go off backpacking & practicing survival skills after having a child. I'd just have to make them shorter, simpler trips. Also, my dream was to have my child with me as I sailed around the world, so having my child now rather than later wouldn't make much of a difference other than my child being a bit older when we finally hit the open seas; which to me is a better idea because they'll be stronger & will be better able to handle the stresses of sailing then.

I've got a great job, great healthcare, great benefits, and even retirement savings that'll only grow the longer I stay in. I've a roof over my head and wonderful friends. My relationship with my family has even greatly improved since coming here. Plus, having my baby now affects almost nothing in the overall scheme of things~ In fact, having my baby now seems much smarter to me actually. I'm younger. I'm the healthiest and in the best shape I've ever been. I'm able to put away a decent amount of money each month with the paycheck I currently get, so.. yeah- If I'm going to have a baby, now's probably the best time I'll ever get~

Besides- I've no guarantees that I'll get to live to be 40 anyway... anything could happen in the future, so there's no time like the present- & if having a baby, being a mother, is the one thing I long for most (which it really & truly is)... then what the heck am I waiting for? I sit here day after day telling others to live their dreams, but keep pushing mine off into the future like an idiot! So there you have it~ I've decided that I wish to have my baby now instead of waiting until later. This gives my crew more time to get their lives in order to come join me on our grand adventure. It'll also bring me far more joy & happiness than anything else in this universe! Now I just gotta talk to the man I affectionately call my donor daddy and see if he is still willing... Otherwise, I guess it's back to looking for a donor from the sperm bank- 

Either way- I've decided that I'm having my baby- & Now! Not later. I feel it's for the best in the long run and overall scheme of things~ ^_^

Remember ya'll... LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

-Aria D Gaia

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Moving Forward- :)

With the recent shift, I am now moving forward with my vision for Dream Ship- I've just completed my first patch for my first red vest. As soon as it's dry, I shall be sewing it onto the back of my summer vest so that next week I can get out on my days off and start cleaning up all the garbage around town. It's frankly been making me quite irritated and angry to see all the garbage around our tiny little town, so I'm going to start cleaning it up. I've got me a lightweight hamper for carrying a garbage bag for putting the trash into it and next week I'll be picking up a "picker".. "grabber".. O.o... Whatever that darn thingy is called for picking up garbage. XP This way I can pick up a whole lot more without wearing myself out. I'll dress nice, wear my vest, don my iPod, & spend a few hours picking up the garbage along the sides of the street. :)

Once I've completed my Dragon Con & Halloween costumes for this year, I'll get back to working on my gypsy tent. It's about 30% completed at this point and shouldn't take me too long to finish it. Sewing is easy~ It's just time consuming since I do everything by hand. XD However, with the fall coming and the camping trip I'm planning for January, I need to finish it asap that way I can take it camping- Thus, I'll be using all my spare time to finish my sewing projects over the next few months. ;) 

Streamlining and simplifying things has certainly lifted a heavy load off my shoulders. ^_^ I feel more focused & able to handle everything I'm trying to accomplish. My wish is to repay TVXQ for saving me by going out and making the world around me a better place. They gave me love, hope, & self-confidence. They helped me to love & believe in myself for the first time in my life, so I wish to go out and share that gift with others. I want to help people get back up on their feet & dust themselves off, just as TVXQ helped me. I want to fill the world with hope & love, just as they filled my heart with hope & love. I wish to give other Dreamers the same kind of love & support that they have given me. They probably don't even know I exist... but that's ok~ I wish to share the gift they have given me, because I can think of no better way to repay their kindness.

Some people may think that a single word, action, or song can't make any kind of a difference in someone's life, especially in the life of a complete stranger, but it can. They may not have written the song 'Love in the Ice', but they sang Ryoji Sonoda's lyrics with such emotion, love, & devotion that it broke through all the darkness that had surrounded me & kept me buried my whole life. It reached me deep down in the deepest, darkest pits of hell & opened my eyes as well as my heart. It was as if 5 angels had reached out their hands within a piercing ray of light only to take hold of mine and lift me up to see the world filled with hope & love. Never underestimate the kind of difference you can make in another person's life even with the smallest act of kindness or love..

I have always wanted to make the world a better place~ However, I felt defeated & lost for so long that I had given up. Now I know that I can make a difference & I am no longer lost. I WILL make this world a better place! Just as they made my world a better place.. I wish to make this world a better place for all those around me as best I can. I am not perfect- I have my demons just as everyone else does. However, I refuse to let that define me. I want to leave my mark on this world & I want that mark to be a positive, uplifting, & hopeful one. ♡


-Aria D Gaia

Monday, August 3, 2015

From now on-

With the reorganization of this blog, I have separated my art business from my private venture of social change. From now on I will be using this blog as a public record of my thoughts, insights, & actions throughout my travels. It will act as my digital journal and I will record all my exploits here. Anyone who wishes to follow along may do so. In fact, you can even get email updates if you like. :) Simply fill out the email subscription on the side of this page.


-Aria D Gaia

Dream Ship Flag!

Dream Ship now has a flag! :D

If you see this flag, know that the person flying it is a person who is willing to help out his or her fellow man or woman or even animal friend as best they can. We are the vehicles of positive change that each of us wishes to see in the world around us. My nakama & I will be wearing red vests with this flag emblazoned on the back whenever & wherever we are working to make the world a better place. Wish to join the movement? Feel free to make your own red vest or flag~ Or you can contact me at & I can make one for you. :)


-Aria D Gaia

Complete Reorganization-

I have come to realize that what I was trying to do with Dream Ship has become way too complicated and stressful. Thus, I have made the decision to simplify things and make Dream Ship more of a social movement to inspire others to live their dreams and make the world around them a better place. I will be updating my blog & Facebook pages to reflect this. I wish for Dream Ship to be something that others decide for themselves if they wish to be apart of it. I wish for it to grow and expand on its own without me having to force things to happen. I want Dream Ship to be a movement among the people of the world to spread joy, happiness, & well-being where people get up to live their dreams without fear of what others might think of them. I envision a world where everyone works together, helps each other, & supports each other as each person grows to become the person they were meant to be. I envision a world where people strive to be happy in their own way without causing strife or pain to others. Sure, we'll always have our issues and disagreements.. but do we really need to fight and kill each other over them? Some might see me as a hopeless optimistic, but I disagree. I KNOW we can be so much more than this! I see it every day through all the small acts of kindness I see around me and on the web. We could be so much more if we all just tried. I know there are thousands out there who wish to see the world become a better place for us all.. and the only way to make it happen is for each of us to stand up to make it happen ourselves, through our own actions, our own words. We can do this! I KNOW we can! :)

Come on everyone! :D


-Aria D Gaia

P.S. You will notice that all art & business related items have been removed from Dream Ship- If you have an interest in my art, please seek me out on Facebook through my artist page:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Alright- Now I know I've been talking about bicycling across America for a while now.. but I'm beginning to think I'd be much happier hiking America instead- I wish to stick to the woods more than the roads.. & to do that with a bicycle while towing a small trailer would be quite difficult. Also, I'd be carrying a lot more gear that way than I would be if I were to simply pack a single pack to wear on my back. Every time I try to envision my future, I see myself wondering the woods at peace & one with nature. I just can't picture myself traveling along the roadside with cars zipping past me, only to hike and camp when I grow too tired to bike anymore. To do such would be quite stressful and difficult. Hiking America instead would be just as difficult, but since I'd be away from speeding cars and long dreary roadways I know I'd be a lot happier and far less stressed. :) Thus, I think I've pretty much decided that instead of having a "Death Ride", a cycle America tour, I'll instead do a "Death Hike", a hike America tour- ^_^ I'll need far less supplies, be able to start a lot sooner, and only need to depend on my own two feet. ;) I certainly like this idea so much more than my previous one~


-Aria D Gaia


I now have my Travel Bug tag!! :D I've attached it to my #1 favorite teddy bear, Destiny~ ^_^

If you're a geocacher or even just curious, you'll find her Trackables page here: 
On this page you can read about her mission. :)

New to Geocaching or wish to know what the heck it even is? You can read all about this worldwide scavenger hunt game here:

With Destiny I hope to begin my own little worldwide game of Hide 'n Seek~ ;) I'm starting here in Florida, then I'll expand to include all of the southern states here in America; maybe even the whole of the continuous 48 states. After I have my ship? It'll become a worldwide game! :D I'll even add a secondary travel bug to my ship so that you can track both me (thru Destiny) & my ship. ^_^

Ya'll ready!? :D LET'S PLAY!! ;)


-Aria D Gaia

Monday, July 6, 2015

Coming SOON! :D

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news, especially for all you Geocachers out there~ ;) I've just purchased a Travel Bug of my own and look forward to receiving it in the mail within the next few days! :D Now everyone will be able to track my whereabouts through! ^_^ You can thank our new camp host at work for introducing me to the Travel Bug and thus giving me the idea~ :3

If you don't know what Geocaching is.. it is basically a worldwide scavenger hunt where millions of people have hidden a few geocaches each themselves in places marked via GPS location that others can then hunt down and find. It's like a real life worldwide massive multi-player game where people can travel all over and find hidden treasures! I've even heard of some being hidden along the Great Barrier Reef!! :O Each geocache is stationary and kept up by the owner of it. When you find it, you write down the tracking code for that specific geocache, then log your story about finding it, along with any pictures you may have taken, on so that others can read about it. :)

Travel Bugs & GeoCoins are moving/traveling geocaches that each have missions of their own. Their owners purchase them, give them a mission, then send them on their way. For example, say a person has always dreamt of visiting Japan, but they're stuck in a tiny town in Oregon or Maine. They can buy a Travel Bug, give it the mission of traveling to Japan, then pass it off to a geocacher or leave at a stationary geocache point, then each geocacher that finds the Travel Bug will try to help it complete it's mission by taking it closer and closer to Japan, recording the Travel Bug's journey online through photos and stories from the geocachers who helped it along its way~ ^_^

There's also a secondary use for the Travel Bug- If the owner decides to keep it as a personal Travel Bug, they can make it strictly "discoverable" online, then people who find it simply write online that they "discovered" it and write their stories &/or share pictures about it. Some people even get Travel Bug tattoos so that geocachers literally have to find that specific person & see the tattoo in order to "discover" their Travel Bug code! :D It's almost like a worldwide massive multi-player game of hide-n-seek! XD I loved this aspect of it so much that I immediately purchased my own Travel Bug & hope to start playing REAL SOON!

Of course.. I'm not getting a tattoo of it. Instead, I thought it would be fun to attach the Travel Bug to my favorite teddy bear, Destiny. Then I'll carry Destiny with me wherever I go throughout my travels~ ^_^ This way people can track me throughout the world without me being the actual object being tracked. Eventually, I'll have my ship- Then I'll purchase a 2nd Travel Bug & attach it to my ship so that everyone can track my ship as well as I sail around the world! ;) I plan on placing that Travel Bug at the top of the main mast so that people have to actually climb aboard the ship to "discover" it- lol! :P I'm not doing the tattoo because sometimes I like being able to disappear and not have people looking for me. Having my 1st Travel Bug on my teddy bear means I can leave her at home or on the ship and disappear without having to worry about people trying to find me. 

I decided to get the Travel Bug because I felt it would be a fun & neat way for people to follow me on my journey through other people's stories of finding Destiny and thus meeting me~ :) This way those who wish to follow me on my journey will not only get to read my side of the story through here, but will also get to read other people's stories of meeting me on! :D I felt that getting to see many sides & many stories about my journey would make things far more interesting & fun for everyone who finds enjoyment in following me on my journey. I sure hope my sponsor likes the idea! My family too! Since I won't be able to post on my blog all the time, they'll be able to keep up with me now in another way as well- ^_^

Anyway! As soon as I receive my Travel Bug in the mail, I will post an image of Destiny wearing it as well as let you know what her mission is through her point of view~ ^_^ I hope ya'll are looking forward to this new aspect to my journey! :D I certainly am! XD Besides! What makes adventure more fun than adding a bit of hide-n-seek play to it for my followers, eh? ;)


-Aria D Gaia

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

!!NEW!! Dream Ship Logo~ ;)

I decided to revamp and upgrade the old logo for something more epic- 

Here it is! The NEW Dream Ship Logo! :D

I LOVE IT!!! XD I hope ya'll do too! :D


-Aria D Gaia

Monday, June 22, 2015


I hope everyone out there has been well~ :) 

The past two weeks have been a bit of a nightmare for me.. :/ The heat here in Florida finally broke me last week and I ended up in an ambulance racing to the ER on Saturday the 13th with heat exhaustion & severe dehydration which triggered my heart condition leaving me nauseous, dizzy, & unable to move. Collapsing at work is NOT my idea of a good day! It completely derailed my training regimen and it's taken me a full WEEK to recover! >_< Luckily, I remained conscious the entire time.. If I had lost consciousness, they probably would have kept me in the hospital for days instead of just overnight. 

So now I have to rethink things once again. My heart condition is extremely mild thanks to the fact that I also have very low blood pressure as well. I don't even need medication for it; the doctor who diagnosed me simply placed me on a high sodium diet. I haven't had any real problems for 7+ years since changing my diet and lifestyle. However, working out is something I'm supposed to be very careful doing, so all the extra training I've been doing added to the stress of working out in the heat 8hrs a day, 5 days a week for an entire month straight was simply too much for my heart to handle.. :'( Plus.. I don't think I was fully diagnosed properly. 

The doctor diagnosed me with NeuroCardioGenic Syncope, but the test to see if I have an irregular heart beat as well was messed up by faulty machinery. However, instead of redoing the test, the doctor said heart rate was fine and sent me on my way. Since then.. every time I use any kind of heart monitoring workout equipment, I have seen that my heart rate jumps all over the place throughout my workout. When the EMS was rushing me to the hospital last Saturday, he also said that my heart rate was all over the place. He seemed extremely concerned for my well being. However, by the time I was actually seen by a doctor in the ER it was hours later and by then I was fine with no sign of an irregular heartbeat. :/ So it looks like I seriously need to see a different cardiologist for a 2nd opinion/diagnosis.

I've been putting it off for a very long time now.. First, because I had no health insurance until recently. Second, I was out of the country in South Korea for 2 years, so it was impossible to seek a 2nd opinion there. Lately, I've been putting it off simply because I didn't wish to have to spend money on something I didn't see as a problem. Now however, I realize that this is something I seriously need to have looked at.. I cannot afford to have anymore close calls! If I collapse at work once more, Workman's Comp will stick me on strict office duty whenever it's hot out. Yuck- XP Last Saturday wasn't all that scary, but it was still a wake-up call. If I'm to make my dreams come true, I need to be more aware of what my condition is so that I can compensate for it while still working towards my goal-

One trip to the ER is NOT about to make me give up my dreams! Nothing's scarier than the heart attack I had 8.5yrs ago before finding out about my condition! So long as I am careful, I can still attain my dreams & push myself to reach my goals without triggering my heart condition. ^_^ Plus, the stronger I make myself, the stronger my heart will become and the healthier I will be. If I can find a way to strengthen my heart, I may be able to rid myself of the condition altogether! :D I have hope in this~ I believe deep down in my heart & soul that I can do it- :) 


-Aria D Gaia


Monday, June 8, 2015


Sheesh- I've been reading up on all the legal measures one must go through in order to have their non-profit organization officially recognized by the US gov't & it looks like it takes tons of money, lots of legal propaganda, and paperwork filed in order to just gain it... :/ Too bad for them that I find it all utterly ridiculous- What does any of that have to do with helping people? To me, it's all just red-tape BS. I, for one, can't stand red-tape BS... & I've no intention of letting it stop me. My crew & I can get out there and help people if we wish without gov't recognition! All it takes is collective action-

I never have agreed with the way things are done these days. :/ Humans are meant to be free- If we wish to help someone or do something, then we should be able to do just that; so long as we aren't hurting others in the process anyway. That's what our ancestors did in the past~ They went wherever they wished, did whatever they wished, & lived wherever & however they wished. All this modern civilization with its rules & regulations was created later by people who wished to rule over their fellow man, thus removing our God-given freedoms. & I, for one, refuse to give in to it. I've always hated being told what to do & how to live. Well..? I'm not going to listen any longer. 

Yeah, sure- I'll cooperate with employers for the time being in order to gather the funds needed in order to build my ship and take back my freedom, but otherwise I'm not listening. This world needs a complete reboot & upgrade.. If I can't change it on my own, then I can at least get the ball rolling! Actually... there's been many great minds, before my mediocre one came along, that have been voicing these things for over a hundred years prior to this. So.. instead of getting the ball rolling, I'm going to give it another rejuvenating push through my life & actions. Some may call me a rebel or a visionary and still others may call me a law-breaker or even a pirate. I don't care- People can call me whatever they like, it's not going to stop me from living my dreams. Let them think & say whatever they wish- As long as I am true to me, that's all that matters!

Aria D Gaia



Hey everyone- It's been a while since my last post, so I just wanted to give you all a quick update. I've been working hard towards my Cycle America Tour & my ultimate goal of getting Dream Ship up and running as a globally recognized non-profit organization. I just finished contacting a for further information and advice on how to get things rolling in the right direction. If any of you out there reading this has any information that you feel might be helpful to me, please feel free to email me anytime at :)

I'm also two months away from applying for my legal name change in order to take on the name Aria D Gaia officially~ I have been trying to get the money together for almost a year now, but kept running into other issues that prevented me from being able to save up the $400 required for the court fees to process my name change petition. However, with the raise I received this past month, I should have the money required available by the end of August. ;) It'll be so nice to finally be able to shed this old name of mine and take on my new name officially! I've been waiting for so long to hear others call me Aria on a daily basis. ^_^

Anyway! I'll try to give bi-weekly updates from now on- Things are rolling forward at an ever increasing rate, so it won't be long now before I'll be heading out on my Cycle America Tour in order to gather my crew. :) Keep checking back for more information on my travels & plans!

Take care, ya'll-

Aria D Gaia


Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I just wished to give everyone an update~ ^_^ Things are going smoothly with my cycle training and exercise routine. Every day I am getting closer to my workout & strength goals. I most certainly know that I am on the right path since my camping trip over the past two days! :)

As soon as I left the house & got on the road, I immediately felt all the stress leave me and joy filled my heart; I am most certainly a gypsy soul, happiest on the go. I felt so relaxed and at ease while camping that I walked 16+ miles in a day, just wandering the trails barefoot and never once worried about a thing. Living outdoors in the wild is definitely what my soul craves! :D 

I just have a few more things to work on... I need to shore up on my survival knowledge: what plants & mushrooms are edible, hunting techniques, skinning & tanning techniques, etc. As I learn new things, I shall share them with you. ;) Who knows? Maybe the knowledge I share about getting back to nature will help others out there to do the same & feel more fulfilled in life~ ^_^ 

As for my bicycle rig~ a friend of mine shared a very useful link with me on Facebook:

I have decided to use this idea & combine it with others I have found on the web to make my own compact, travel camper for my bicycle. Once I've finished working out the details and have a good blue-print, I shall share it with you. I have also finalized my gypsy tent design~ It's going to be a pyramid style tent with a 6' x 4' base, windows on the two smaller sides made from recycled lace/sheer curtains, with a loop at its apex so as to be able to hang it from a low hanging tree branch. This way I won't have to worry about carrying a pole to hold up my tent and I won't have one getting in the way once I'm inside it. I'll share those designs with you as well at a later date.

I have also decided that I will be resigning from my post with the Florida Park Service on Labor Day 2017 instead of applying for a leave of absence. It's easier that way~ It'll give my boss the opportunity to hire someone new to fill my place and will give me the freedom to stop at any place I choose to find a new job. I came to this decision after speaking with my assistant manager about it and realized that having to come back to Florida if I suddenly find I love living in.. say.. California.. would most certainly make me miserable. This relieves me of one more anchor and puts me that much closer to the kind of freedom I desire~ ^_^ It also relieves my manager from worrying over things. I'd hate to be the cause of burden to anyone..

So there you have it~ Things are progressing smoothly~ :) Keep up with my adventures here as I will be slowly getting rid of all other social media. It's just too distracting having to keep up with so much stuff when I wish to be doing other things. Take care everyone! ^_^



Saturday, April 11, 2015


I've finally found a lady to join our adventurous little crew!! :D I'm so happy and excited! Our newest crew member, Seto, has been with his lady for years now and they are just so adorable together that I just HAD to have the set! I couldn't bear to only have half of the awesome duo.. so I asked her if she'd be willing to join our crew and sail around the world with us & SHE SAID YES!!! In fact, she said she would be honored! <3 I'm so happy right now I could scream and dance and leap around my apartment!! But it's after midnight and I don't wish to be rude and wake my lovely neighbors, so I'm celebrating in respectful silence by posting up my excitement here~ ;) The best thing about it is that this means I'm no longer going to be the only female aboard the ship! :D It's wonderful! Maybe now that Keyetta has joined us, I'll be able to find more ladies as wild & tenacious as we are! XD I want 3 or 4 more females~ ;) 9 or 10 tenacious lords & ladies to be apart of my adventurous little crew! :D That would be HEAVEN! \(>o<)/



Friday, April 10, 2015

The Week After Next-

This next week I'm required to attend Ranger Academy in order to continue on as a Park Ranger for the Florida Park Service. I've waited 18 months to attend it & have been passed up twice, but this time I'm going. My dream may not be to remain a ranger for the rest of my life, but being a ranger is the one thing I don't mind doing outside my dream. I've gotta earn money somehow, so I'd rather be doing something I enjoy, where I can be outdoors, & help to protect at least one part of the world I love so much~ ^_^ So as long as I have to work in order to get the money I need to make my dreams a reality, I will work as a ranger. ;)

The week after will start my training for cycling across America. Wednesdays will be the day I cycle to work for the next 4-6 weeks until it's easy and my body is used to it, then I'll add on Fridays as well. I'm also doing a yoga & workout routine at home in order to build up my physical strength. My goals for the end of this year are to be able to do 75 crunches, 50 pushups, 100 squats (while holding an extra 15lbs or more), & at least 1 FULL pullup. I can do 5 half pullups right now, but I can't seem to get a full pullup in at all yet. I'm using strength & core building yoga exercises to also help build my back & arm strength, so hopefully I'll have improved enough by the end of the year to do at least one full pullup. :)

Listening to videos from Absolute Motivation on YouTube has been a great motivator for me and makes me want to push myself even harder to achieve far more than my goals. If you haven't heard their videos yet, you should! Here's their YouTube channel:  ~ ^_^

Right now, my measurements are 35-25.5-37.5 in my bust-waist-hips. My goal is to reach 36-24-36~ ;) I may not reach it this year, but that is my ultimate goal. ^_^ I'm sure Sir Mix-A-Lot would approve~ I AM 5'3"! XD lol! 

Anyway~ I just wished to share my plans and workout goals with you~ :) 

Don't forget! LIVE YOUR DREAMS! No one else can live your dreams nor make them happen but YOU! So believe in yourself and fight for them! ;) I believe in you- <3 Now believe in yourself! :D


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Labor Day 2017~

That will be the day I turn in the keys to my apartment and hit the road to gather my crew! That gives me 2.5 years to training and get into even better shape. It will also give me the time I need to get all the camping/survival gear I still don't have, get myself a concealed weapons permit & self defense training for safety, build my ultra-lite tow trailer for my bicycle for all my gear, make my gypsy tent, purchase the solar panel I'll need for charging my laptop in order to keep a daily log of my travels to post here for my readers to read once I've reached a WiFi hotspot where I can upload new posts, and tie up a few other loose ends here & there before my journey.

So far our final destination will be either LA or San Francisco in California. Major cities always have jobs needing to be filled as well as inexpensive housing in their low-rent district. Since I'm hoping to cycle ~50 miles per day, we should be able to cover the entire United States from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast within 4 months. Thus, the goal is to be in LA or San Fran by New Years 2018. The next 2.5 years will be spent training, learning self-defense, prepping, studying, and dematerializing (i.e. getting rid of my countless, non-essential possessions). 

I chose Labor Day 2017 because that will allow my lil brother time to graduate from high school, get a job, & get his own place so that I can give him my cat, Merlin, & my motorcycle before I leave for California. I don't think Merlin would be up to riding in a basket on my bicycle all the way across America. :3 My lil brother has already begged to keep him before and he loves the fact that I ride a motorcycle, says he wants one too, so I figured that his place would be the best place for both my cat and motorcycle. My motorcycle is small, just a 250cc Honda Rebel, and it's got over 21,000 miles on it, so it'd be perfect for him to learn on. :) I love that he thinks I'm such a cool big sis (Dad told me he said so), so I want to give him all the best I can. ^_^

So there you have it! Labor Day 2017 will be the start date for my bicycle trip across America from Florida to California with a myriad of stops along to way to pick up the separate members of my crew who are scattered all over the states. I will keep you updated on my progress with my training and even post my gypsy tent & ultra-lite bicycle tow trailer designs, step-by-step production photos/videos, and more! :D Stay tuned in to Dream Ship for info on my progress!



Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Etsy Closed for Good-

With the change in my plans, I no longer have the time to deal with selling my works online through Etsy. It's also awfully expensive to keep the Etsy store open all the time with the few sales I've made. However, I will still honor requests through email should anyone truly wish to purchase something seen here on my blog though~ Simply email me at with your request and we can work things out that way. I make Steampunk accessories, jewelry, bears, bags, costume pieces (i.e. cosplay outfits, Halloween costumes), & more! Simply email me and we can discuss the details as to what you would like for me to make for you and how much it will cost. ^_^

As always, thank you all so much for your support!



Go Fund Me Proposal~

Ok.. so.. as I mentioned in my last post, a good friend of mine suggested that I start a Go Fund Me Campaign for my bicycle trip across America. I'm considering it... but if I were to do such a thing, I would make sure that those who contributed to it would be able to get something out of it. So I'm trying to think of somethings I could do to earn each person's contribution...

I could most definitely record how to make a simple Gypsy Tent from recycled materials~ I'm going to make myself one out of old, heavy drapes for me to sleep in each night during my journey. I could also share my designs and techniques for building an ultra-lite tow behind trailer for a bicycle~ I'm going to be building one for mine to hold all my camping & survival gear, as well as my clothes and a few other things I'll be taking with me. I wonder if sharing that information would be enough to ask for $2,500 in a Go Fund Me Campaign...?

If I did do the campaign, I would use the funds to buy the materials I need for my bicycle tow trailer. I would also use the money to purchase myself a Go Pro so that I could document my journey and share survival tips with my blog readers. Maybe including the chance to follow me in my journey through the Go Pro footage would be good for requesting contributions to the Go Fund Me campaign, if I did one..

I did try to start a Facebook page for Dream Ship... I'm afraid I post to it even less than I do to my blog.. I wonder if there's a way to link the two? That way when I post something to the blog, it automatically shows on the Facebook page that I've written something new~ ^_^ That would be a neat feature for Blogger or Facebook to include. ;) I will have a solar panel & my laptop with me throughout my journey, so I will be writing to my blog on a regular basis. Even if I don't get to post it immediately, I'll keep a digital journal of my daily travels stored on my laptop so that when I next hit a WiFi hotspot I'll be able to share it with ya'll~ :)

Could I get a bit of feedback from my readers as to whether you think I should start a Go Fund Me campaign to fund my survivor's bicycle trip across America? I would certainly appreciate the advice!



I've Decided~

Okay. I don't feel like waiting 10 years to start living my dream, nor do I feel like earning a Masters degree. Don't get me wrong! I absolutely LOVE to learn! I just no longer have the patience for homework, tests, projects, & grades anymore. >_< Yuck! SO!

I've decided to just take classes for fun if & when I feel like it & to simply continue learning through reading books & watching documentaries as I have been for years. ^_^ I've also decided that I don't care what anyone else thinks, I'm going to have my survival training trip no matter what it takes! I'm going to take the next 2 years to build myself an ultra-light tow trailer for my bicycle, get myself into even better shape, & save up some funds to take a year off from work and bicycle across the USA~ ;)

I'm doing this for several reasons.. 1st- to collect my crew-mates, my nakama, from where they are spread across the country & gather them together in one place so we can start building our ship.. 2nd- I've wanted to go on a survivor's training trip for more than a decade & a half now and I'm SICK of not doing so simply because others are terrified of the prospect when I'm not the least bit scared; in fact I find the prospect thrilling & exciting! 3rd- it'll get my crew & I into excellent shape for our adventure as well as give us some much needed survival training & teamwork building time. 4th- it'll show both my nakama & the world just how serious I am about this venture! ;)

A friend of mine has suggested that I start a Go Fund Me campaign to help me gather funds for the trip and I'm considering it. This is meant to be Survivor's Training, so I refuse to use any money during the trip so long as I can prevent it. However, it would be really awesome to have a Go Pro to document the venture and share it with you, my followers. So.. if I DO decide to start a Go Fund Me campaign, I would use those funds to build my bicycle tow trailer, get me a Go Pro, & furnish what survival supplies I still need to make the journey.

So far it looks like I'll be going from my location to Orlando, Fl to pick my newest & closest crew-mate Seto. Then it'll be on to Georgia to pick up my 1st Mate, Constant. Then on up north to Wisconsin to pick up Leko. Then turn southwest to New Mexico to pick up Xhino. Then lastly, on to northern California to pick up our farthest crew-mate, Terumi Ray. That's gonna be one heck of a loooooong bike ride! If I'm not a lean, mean, fit fighting machine by the time we reach our final destination in Southern California, then I won't ever be! XD LOL! It certainly will be nice having my six-pack back.. Heck! It'll probably be an 8 or even 10-pack of fine solid abs by the time I reach my goal! :D

My crew is getting prepared for my arrival already. We've been discussing this plan for about a week now. We've all gotta get into better shape and need to square some things away before we take off on this venture. I, for one, need to build my trailer, make my gypsy tent, get my concealed weapons permit.. I ain't about to go traveling across the country without some means of defending myself & my crew!.. and also wait for my little brother to graduate so that I can give him my cat & motorcycle. I've decided to let go of every anchor that's weighing me down.. and if my student loans get paid back? Good. If not...? Well... I'll figure that out later. :P I have a feeling that things are going to work out just fine and well within my favor if I just keep pushing the limits. ;)

So there you have it! No more waiting 10 years to get started on my dream! No more round-a-bout ways of trying to do things! I'm just gonna gun straight for it! ;) 



Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tat: Nakama Tattoo + D.S. Flag~

Below is the tattoo I just finished designing for myself and any of my nakama who wish to also get it. Nakama is Japanese for comrade, or very close friend(s) that you depend on. I consider my crew to be my nakama as we are all in this venture together and will be depending on each other greatly. The inspiration is from my #1 favorite anime One Piece written by Eiichiro Oda.

[**If you haven't seen or read One Piece, the following is a spoiler**]

In one of my favorite scenes, Princess Vivi of Alabasta is calling out to the Strawhat Pirates who had just finished helping her save her country and her people from a horribly evil pirate, asking them if they would still consider her their nakama even though she chose to stay behind to watch over her people instead of joining them and becoming a pirate herself. She had called this out to them over a loud speaker while Marines were chasing after the Strawhats, trying to arrest them since they are pirates wanted by the World Government. Instead of calling out to her in response, which would have made her an enemy of the World Government also since the Marines had heard everything, they simply raised their left arms in silence to show her the nakama mark they had all worn (including Vivi) during the battle against the evil pirate in order for them all to know that it was indeed them and not one of the enemy that could shape shift to look & sound just like them. Here is an image of the scene:

Can you all see the "X" written on their arms? :) Well~ Here is my Nakama Tattoo~ It's an "X" with my Dream Ship flag emblem over the top of it. ^_^ I hope ya'll like it! :D

Oh! lol! I never shared an image of my flag for Dream Ship! XD Here ya go! The sailboat logo in the top corner of this page is the logo for my organization. However, this is the flag my ship will be flying when we finally set sail~ It's a 4-tailed comet oriented in such a way that it appears to be coming right at you. ;) I used the very same colors for the emblem as I used for my logo, garnet & gold~ I'll be hand sewing my own flag on dark blue canvas which will been tie-dyed black in the center to give it the appearance you see here. ^_^ I hope ya'll like my flag design also! <3



Thank you for the support! :D

I know that I haven't been posting regularly, but I truly wish to thank those people out there who have been reading my blog and who have been posting such nice, supportive comments~ THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! ^_^ *hugs* I'm going to try to post more often from now on. ;)

Things are moving along nicely now~ I've made it through my probationary period at work, so now I'm a full-fledge, full-time Park Ranger for the Florida Park Service. I'm so proud! ^_^ I'll be sticking to Rainbow Springs State Park for another year or two, then I'm looking to move on to a resident position at either a beach or island park here in Florida, or to transfer to Hawaii to work at their volcano park. ;) I just love volcanoes~ Plus, it'll put me in the middle of the Pacific which is where I'd like to be for sailing the ocean blue.

I was considering getting a Master's degree in ecological restoration in order to use it to help restore the Earth while also helping people all over the world, but now I'm not so sure about the whole 'going to school again' thing... Just halfway through my first grad class and I'm already like... "Ugggghhhh... I HATE HOMEWORK!!!" LOL! XD So I'm going to have to find a different premise for my humanitarian wing Dream Ship Hope~

I still wish to help people and the Earth, so I'm not giving that up. ;) I've just come to realize that the route I was taking meant I'd be spending more time doing research in a lab than actually being out there physically helping people. I'm not so sure I'd like that. I like physically helping others more than doing the more tedious background work. :P

So now I'm looking into Earth Ship~ :) I saw one of their articles recently and I really like the idea! :D I'd love to go out and help people build new homes that are more eco-friendly while also being inexpensive and using recycled materials! If you're interested in learning more about them, you can check out their site here: ;)

Anyway! I just wanted everyone to know just how grateful I am for all your support and give you a progress report! :D Take care! Love ya'll!