Thursday, April 24, 2014

Long time, No words~

Hello everyone! Wow! It really feels like forever since I've written anything here. Things have been pretty hectic for me since returning to the States, but now life is beginning to settle down into a pattern and things are really beginning to take off!

I found myself a wonderful job with the Florida Park Service which has awesome benefits and decent pay and my business on Etsy is really beginning to pick up! I've made a bunch of new friends and even met a few sailors who are willing to help me out with my dream~ ^_^ Also, just last night, I found a new Nakama! XD My crew is still with me, even though a few are now unsure as to whether they'll be able to sail with me in 10 years.. which is fine. I figured that with the delay that one or two may have something happen in their life that would prevent them from going. No matter what though, they are still my Nakama and members of my crew! I wouldn't just turn my back on my friends just because Life changed their plans for them! What kind of Captain/friend would I be if I did that?

Anyway! The way things are now my dream seems even closer than ever~ The plan at the moment is for each of us in the crew to do our own things to prepare for our journey. Each of us are building up our strength, funds, and knowledge in order to make this dream a reality! In about 3-5 years I will be transferring from my current park position to a position at a coastal park here in Florida so that I will be closer to the ocean. Then the crew and I will get a house to rent together so that we can work on building our ship together in our off time and work on Dream Ship (our business) as well. My goal is to have Sunny Freedom built, outfitted, and ready to go by the time I'm 40 then we will set sail. That gives us just over 10 years to do and learn everything we need to in order to make this dream a reality.

Each of my crew members has a dream of their own and I wish to see them fulfill it~ If Dream Ship and our voyage can do that for them, I will be the happiest person in the world! Seeing the people I know and love fulfill their dreams is my ultimate joy. My own dream is to live a life of true freedom and pure adventure~ If I can't find that with Dream Ship and our voyage, then I doubt I ever will!

Well, that's all for now! Mina! Genki da ne!

& don't forget to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!