Friday, November 2, 2012

Upgraded Dream Ship Pages

Hello everyone~

Captain Foxy here! ;) 

I've just finished rearranging some of the pages and setup of my blog to hopefully make things easier for people to find the things they are looking for. From now on, photos will be posted up on the Photography page, crafts for sale will be posted up on the Crafts page, & the Blog Posts page will simply be for me to post updates on products I have to offer and my current whereabouts once I set sail. Current approximate launch date for the D.S. Sunny Freedom is to be in March of 2014. Until then, most of what I shall have to offer will be crafts & photography and my blog posts will be seldom & few. Right now, I am merely in the preparation stage of this intensive project, but in a year and a half there will be a lot more exciting things to see and read upon this page. So stay tuned for all the magic! ;)

Thank you for all the love & support I have received so far~
It means more to me than you know! 

Take care everyone~

& May all of your dreams come true!