Monday, November 5, 2012

Upcoming project!

Hello my fellow Dreamers! :D

Captain Foxy here~^^ Today, I am announcing my latest project which I have just begun.. A custom made Adventure Time Finn doll! I've finished drawing up the creative sketch and have drawn up the pattern designs, which I will post soon. Once I've had time to gather all the supplies I will need anyway~^^

With this announcement, I also wish to remind all you Dreamers out there that I DO take custom requests! I am also currently working on a customized Yoochun T-shirt Teddy that will double as a trendy carrying bag. A friend of mine put in the request and as soon as it is completed I shall post up pictures of the finished product online~^^

Happy dreams all of you! & may they all come true~ :)

& remember to ALWAYS... Live Your Dreams!