Sunday, June 24, 2012

@: JYJ Tshirt Teddies Craft Project~^^

I decided to take my JYJ Busan Concert Tshirt and turn it into works of art, creating 3 handmade bears; Jae-bear, Chun-bear, & Su-bear~^^

This one I kept because Jaejoong is my favorite idol and I love him dearly~


Chun-bear & Su-bear I gave to my manager's two girls because they love JYJ just as much as I do~^^ They were so happy to receive these bears! From now on, I'm going to make teddy bears because it's fun and I'm going to treat each bear I create as a work of art~ When I complete a bear and I see the smiles on people faces at just how cute the bear is, it brings me so much joy. So I'm not going to worry about whether or not the bears I make sell. I'm just going to keep creating my art and when someone wants to buy one of my works, all they have to do is ask~ For doing that will bring me much greater happiness!