Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tat: Nakama Tattoo + D.S. Flag~

Below is the tattoo I just finished designing for myself and any of my nakama who wish to also get it. Nakama is Japanese for comrade, or very close friend(s) that you depend on. I consider my crew to be my nakama as we are all in this venture together and will be depending on each other greatly. The inspiration is from my #1 favorite anime One Piece written by Eiichiro Oda.

[**If you haven't seen or read One Piece, the following is a spoiler**]

In one of my favorite scenes, Princess Vivi of Alabasta is calling out to the Strawhat Pirates who had just finished helping her save her country and her people from a horribly evil pirate, asking them if they would still consider her their nakama even though she chose to stay behind to watch over her people instead of joining them and becoming a pirate herself. She had called this out to them over a loud speaker while Marines were chasing after the Strawhats, trying to arrest them since they are pirates wanted by the World Government. Instead of calling out to her in response, which would have made her an enemy of the World Government also since the Marines had heard everything, they simply raised their left arms in silence to show her the nakama mark they had all worn (including Vivi) during the battle against the evil pirate in order for them all to know that it was indeed them and not one of the enemy that could shape shift to look & sound just like them. Here is an image of the scene:

Can you all see the "X" written on their arms? :) Well~ Here is my Nakama Tattoo~ It's an "X" with my Dream Ship flag emblem over the top of it. ^_^ I hope ya'll like it! :D

Oh! lol! I never shared an image of my flag for Dream Ship! XD Here ya go! The sailboat logo in the top corner of this page is the logo for my organization. However, this is the flag my ship will be flying when we finally set sail~ It's a 4-tailed comet oriented in such a way that it appears to be coming right at you. ;) I used the very same colors for the emblem as I used for my logo, garnet & gold~ I'll be hand sewing my own flag on dark blue canvas which will been tie-dyed black in the center to give it the appearance you see here. ^_^ I hope ya'll like my flag design also! <3



Thank you for the support! :D

I know that I haven't been posting regularly, but I truly wish to thank those people out there who have been reading my blog and who have been posting such nice, supportive comments~ THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! ^_^ *hugs* I'm going to try to post more often from now on. ;)

Things are moving along nicely now~ I've made it through my probationary period at work, so now I'm a full-fledge, full-time Park Ranger for the Florida Park Service. I'm so proud! ^_^ I'll be sticking to Rainbow Springs State Park for another year or two, then I'm looking to move on to a resident position at either a beach or island park here in Florida, or to transfer to Hawaii to work at their volcano park. ;) I just love volcanoes~ Plus, it'll put me in the middle of the Pacific which is where I'd like to be for sailing the ocean blue.

I was considering getting a Master's degree in ecological restoration in order to use it to help restore the Earth while also helping people all over the world, but now I'm not so sure about the whole 'going to school again' thing... Just halfway through my first grad class and I'm already like... "Ugggghhhh... I HATE HOMEWORK!!!" LOL! XD So I'm going to have to find a different premise for my humanitarian wing Dream Ship Hope~

I still wish to help people and the Earth, so I'm not giving that up. ;) I've just come to realize that the route I was taking meant I'd be spending more time doing research in a lab than actually being out there physically helping people. I'm not so sure I'd like that. I like physically helping others more than doing the more tedious background work. :P

So now I'm looking into Earth Ship~ :) I saw one of their articles recently and I really like the idea! :D I'd love to go out and help people build new homes that are more eco-friendly while also being inexpensive and using recycled materials! If you're interested in learning more about them, you can check out their site here: ;)

Anyway! I just wanted everyone to know just how grateful I am for all your support and give you a progress report! :D Take care! Love ya'll!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dream Ship Online Now Seasonal!

I have been thinking long and hard about my online Etsy store and have decided to make it a seasonal one. I love making things, however I hate feeling pressured to do so. Pressure an artist, in my opinion, and you get shoddy work nor does the artist have a chance to truly capture whatever essence it was that they were trying to catch with each piece. Thus, Dream Ship Online will be closed until October 1st, 2015. I shall continue to make products throughout the year and share their images through my Dream Ship Facebook page, as well as my Artist page. The links to both are linked here:

If you have yet to start following me on Facebook, then you will notice a name change when you follow the link to my Artist page. I decided at the beginning of the year that I wish to officially change my name to Aria D Gaia. It will be some time before I am able to complete all the legal procedures to make it official, but I shall be doing so in due time. I have always loved the name Aria and have wished for people to call me by that name for a very long time, so I figured I might as well make it a permanent fixture in my life. As for taking the family name of Gaia? I chose it because I wished to express that I view ALL of Earth and her people as being apart of my family~ D? Well... That's the geek in me talking. ;) I chose D as my middle name for two reasons: #1-The Will of D in the anime One Piece! XD Every single character who carries the Will of D is a person to be reckoned with and one who always lives their dreams; #2-D represents for me Dreams, Dedication, & Determination! Through which one can attain true happiness~ These are the reasons behind my chosen name. :) I hope you like it as much as I do! If not, oh well. :P

Stay tuned for more updates! I shall make an asserted effort to post to my blog more often than I have been of late. I do apologize for the long pauses between posts, but do not fear! My blog shall become far more active in the future~ It's a thousand times easier to write and share information, as well as photos, on here than it is for me to do so through Facebook. I only use the later for small announcements and advertising. :P

Happy Holidays everyone! May you all be blessed~

& don't forget! Live Your Dreams! XD

-Aria D Gaia

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Long time, No words~

Hello everyone! Wow! It really feels like forever since I've written anything here. Things have been pretty hectic for me since returning to the States, but now life is beginning to settle down into a pattern and things are really beginning to take off!

I found myself a wonderful job with the Florida Park Service which has awesome benefits and decent pay and my business on Etsy is really beginning to pick up! I've made a bunch of new friends and even met a few sailors who are willing to help me out with my dream~ ^_^ Also, just last night, I found a new Nakama! XD My crew is still with me, even though a few are now unsure as to whether they'll be able to sail with me in 10 years.. which is fine. I figured that with the delay that one or two may have something happen in their life that would prevent them from going. No matter what though, they are still my Nakama and members of my crew! I wouldn't just turn my back on my friends just because Life changed their plans for them! What kind of Captain/friend would I be if I did that?

Anyway! The way things are now my dream seems even closer than ever~ The plan at the moment is for each of us in the crew to do our own things to prepare for our journey. Each of us are building up our strength, funds, and knowledge in order to make this dream a reality! In about 3-5 years I will be transferring from my current park position to a position at a coastal park here in Florida so that I will be closer to the ocean. Then the crew and I will get a house to rent together so that we can work on building our ship together in our off time and work on Dream Ship (our business) as well. My goal is to have Sunny Freedom built, outfitted, and ready to go by the time I'm 40 then we will set sail. That gives us just over 10 years to do and learn everything we need to in order to make this dream a reality.

Each of my crew members has a dream of their own and I wish to see them fulfill it~ If Dream Ship and our voyage can do that for them, I will be the happiest person in the world! Seeing the people I know and love fulfill their dreams is my ultimate joy. My own dream is to live a life of true freedom and pure adventure~ If I can't find that with Dream Ship and our voyage, then I doubt I ever will!

Well, that's all for now! Mina! Genki da ne!

& don't forget to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Etsy Store Coming Soon! :D

Konnichiwa, Mena-san!

I have some awesome news! I've finally got myself into a position to where I can really get this business rolling soon! So be on the look out.. Within the next few months I will be opening up an Etsy store where you can purchase my art more easily and you will be able to access the Etsy store directing or through my Dream Ship Facebook page. :)

Thanks for all the support!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life's little hiccups..

Well.. It seems that life has thrown yet another wrench into my plans. Looks like I'm going to have to put off the sailing trip until I've been able to pay off my student loans. :( But! That's alright~^^ I'm going to get them all paid off in 10 years and then I'll take that final 1-2 years to prepare so that I can set sail on my 40th birthday! :D The trip will take 2-3 years as we slowly make our way around the world doing humanitarian work, providing entertainment, and selling crafts.

However! I am NOT going to wait until I set sail to get my business up and running! As you know, I've already started a bit here. What I haven't told you is that I will begin to build my workshop in September as soon as I've finished the summer job I'm currently working. I have started an Etsy page which I will begin to sell prints and Mini Angel Bears through as soon as I've returned to Florida. My Etsy store will also be accessible through my various Facebook pages as soon as I've posted up items for sale. The only reason I'm waiting until then is because I don't have any of my materials here to even try to get things running right now. But very soon now I will be up and running full time! :)

Thanks for all the love and support!
Stayed turned for future news on Dream Ship~^^

~Captain Foxy

Friday, February 1, 2013

Plan Revision~

Ok! Phew... I'm finally back in the US of A and I've come to realize that there is a LOT more work that I will need to do before I am ready to set sail. That.. and 2 of my crew are still in school and won't be able to join me anytime soon. So! I have decided that it would be best for everyone overall if I were to delay my plans a bit and stretch things out to give my crew more time and myself as well. Thus, I have decided that my launch date will be pushed back to early spring of 2016. If over the next few years I find that we need more time then I will have to delay my plans once more, but..... HOPEFULLY, that won't happen. However!


I WILL begin sailing around the world on a ship of my own performing humanitarian work wherever I can sometime within the next 5 years! ;)

What can I say? I don't give up. I will NEVER give up! :) 

NO ONE is ever going to stop me from living my dreams! \(>o<)/

Keep Dreaming Dreamers! And keep your eyes on the prize~ ;) 

I'm keeping mine on the stars, because there really isn't any limits except those that you place upon yourself! >:)