Thursday, April 24, 2014

Long time, No words~

Hello everyone! Wow! It really feels like forever since I've written anything here. Things have been pretty hectic for me since returning to the States, but now life is beginning to settle down into a pattern and things are really beginning to take off!

I found myself a wonderful job with the Florida Park Service which has awesome benefits and decent pay and my business on Etsy is really beginning to pick up! I've made a bunch of new friends and even met a few sailors who are willing to help me out with my dream~ ^_^ Also, just last night, I found a new Nakama! XD My crew is still with me, even though a few are now unsure as to whether they'll be able to sail with me in 10 years.. which is fine. I figured that with the delay that one or two may have something happen in their life that would prevent them from going. No matter what though, they are still my Nakama and members of my crew! I wouldn't just turn my back on my friends just because Life changed their plans for them! What kind of Captain/friend would I be if I did that?

Anyway! The way things are now my dream seems even closer than ever~ The plan at the moment is for each of us in the crew to do our own things to prepare for our journey. Each of us are building up our strength, funds, and knowledge in order to make this dream a reality! In about 3-5 years I will be transferring from my current park position to a position at a coastal park here in Florida so that I will be closer to the ocean. Then the crew and I will get a house to rent together so that we can work on building our ship together in our off time and work on Dream Ship (our business) as well. My goal is to have Sunny Freedom built, outfitted, and ready to go by the time I'm 40 then we will set sail. That gives us just over 10 years to do and learn everything we need to in order to make this dream a reality.

Each of my crew members has a dream of their own and I wish to see them fulfill it~ If Dream Ship and our voyage can do that for them, I will be the happiest person in the world! Seeing the people I know and love fulfill their dreams is my ultimate joy. My own dream is to live a life of true freedom and pure adventure~ If I can't find that with Dream Ship and our voyage, then I doubt I ever will!

Well, that's all for now! Mina! Genki da ne!

& don't forget to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Etsy Store Coming Soon! :D

Konnichiwa, Mena-san!

I have some awesome news! I've finally got myself into a position to where I can really get this business rolling soon! So be on the look out.. Within the next few months I will be opening up an Etsy store where you can purchase my art more easily and you will be able to access the Etsy store directing or through my Dream Ship Facebook page. :)

Thanks for all the support!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life's little hiccups..

Well.. It seems that life has thrown yet another wrench into my plans. Looks like I'm going to have to put off the sailing trip until I've been able to pay off my student loans. :( But! That's alright~^^ I'm going to get them all paid off in 10 years and then I'll take that final 1-2 years to prepare so that I can set sail on my 40th birthday! :D The trip will take 2-3 years as we slowly make our way around the world doing humanitarian work, providing entertainment, and selling crafts.

However! I am NOT going to wait until I set sail to get my business up and running! As you know, I've already started a bit here. What I haven't told you is that I will begin to build my workshop in September as soon as I've finished the summer job I'm currently working. I have started an Etsy page which I will begin to sell prints and Mini Angel Bears through as soon as I've returned to Florida. My Etsy store will also be accessible through my various Facebook pages as soon as I've posted up items for sale. The only reason I'm waiting until then is because I don't have any of my materials here to even try to get things running right now. But very soon now I will be up and running full time! :)

Thanks for all the love and support!
Stayed turned for future news on Dream Ship~^^

~Captain Foxy

Friday, February 1, 2013

Plan Revision~

Ok! Phew... I'm finally back in the US of A and I've come to realize that there is a LOT more work that I will need to do before I am ready to set sail. That.. and 2 of my crew are still in school and won't be able to join me anytime soon. So! I have decided that it would be best for everyone overall if I were to delay my plans a bit and stretch things out to give my crew more time and myself as well. Thus, I have decided that my launch date will be pushed back to early spring of 2016. If over the next few years I find that we need more time then I will have to delay my plans once more, but..... HOPEFULLY, that won't happen. However!


I WILL begin sailing around the world on a ship of my own performing humanitarian work wherever I can sometime within the next 5 years! ;)

What can I say? I don't give up. I will NEVER give up! :) 

NO ONE is ever going to stop me from living my dreams! \(>o<)/

Keep Dreaming Dreamers! And keep your eyes on the prize~ ;) 

I'm keeping mine on the stars, because there really isn't any limits except those that you place upon yourself! >:) 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

First Commission Complete~^^

I received a custom commission from a friend for a custom, one-of-a-kind Yoochun Tshirt Teddy. I decided that I would experiment and make a Tshirt Teddy Bag for her from my one Micky Yoochun Tshirt that I had previously bought from his mother´s shop TimeOut Gelato. I had to draw out the design partially from scratch and partially from patterns I had already made for other bears. Once I sat down to sew the bear together, it only took me two weekends to complete him and the end result is absolutely adorable! I´ve already received great reviews from the image I posted to facebook from his buyer and from several other friends and I felt that should also share him here since this is my very first commission for my fledgling arts & crafts business~

So here he is! ¨Yoochi¨ as his buyer has already so lovingly named him~^^

I hope you like him! Remember! I take requests and custom make everything by hand. Thus, all my crafts are one of a kind unless I state otherwise. Any crafts I intend to make multiples of shall be advertised as such and will be available on my Crafts page. 

Thank you for visiting Dream Ship! :D I hope you enjoyed your stay~^^

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dream Ship Visions

Charity Vision::

 I have a vision for the future.. A future charity which I would like to start through my Dream Ship organization. This charity is called "Hugs of Hope & Love".. and will be a disaster relief charity. I hope to one day be able to sail to places that have suffered disaster, such as on the east coast where Hurricane Sandy left a trail of destruction behind in its wake, and be able to supply the people there with the necessities they so desperately need and the helping hand to getting them back on their feet. The charity's signature...? Giving hugs to the adults & teddy bears to the children affected by such disasters so that they can feel the hope & love we wish to share with them. The adults through our hugs, supplies, & helping hands.. & the children through the bears as they hug their new bears tightly to their little chests & watch as we help Mom & Dad get their lives back on track. This is the vision I have for the charity I hope to one day start through Dream Ship.

Organization Vision::

My vision for Dream Ship is to one day have a large group of individuals, all with their own ships, and each one sailing around the world with visions of their own that all coalesce into a whole of make this world a better place for all. Whether the Captain & crew of an individual vessel wishes to focus on helping out small coastal communities with receiving the medical care they need.. Or maybe they wish to be anti-whaling crusaders out sailing the ocean waters to protect the whales.. Or even wildlife conservationists trying their best to protect the fragile coral reefs from being destroyed.. Maybe they're Oceanographers, sailing to study some aspect of the ocean that they wish to learn more about and thus improve our knowledge and understanding of the world around us.. Whatever their dreams may be!! I hope to one day be able to share the name and vision of my little organization with all sorts of dreamers all over the world~

For that is what Dream Ship stands for.. Living & Fighting for Your Dreams! Whatever they may be... Take your dreams, place them on a ship, and join me in an effort to make this world a better place.. One Dream & One Ship at a time~

We are all DREAMERS~

Full Crew! :D

Welcome aboard the D.S.Sunny Freedom, Vlade Gavidd! It's an honor to have you with us~^^ 

I now have a full crew for our round the world humanitarian cruise! :D Including, not just one, but TWO medical personnel! XD HOW COOL IS THAT!? God willing, there won't be any changes over the next ~1.5 years.. but one can never truly know what the future may bring. & I for one have learned to roll with the punches, then jump right back up on my feet again. Nothing and no one is going to stop me from accomplishing my dreams! >:) 

Thank you.. all of you who have agreed to join me.. You are the biggest part of what my dreams are all about! May we be like one big happy family, traveling the world together and bringing about the great change that so desperately needs to happen~ You are my Nakama! From now, until forever~ ;) *hugs*

Now.. if any FEMALES out there wish to join us.. PLEASE let me know! I don't want to be the only female aboard a ship full of young handsome men.. O_o Want to see the world with us? Longing for an adventure? Well then, look no further! We're going to have the biggest adventure EVER! >:D

The crew roster as it stands now:

Captain: Myself ;)
1st Mate: Constant Derbez
Core Crew: Xhino & Leko
Medical Personnel: "Doc" & Vlade (RN)

With 2 more possibles (both males) floating out in the rafters still contemplating the possibilities~

Thank you, my Nakama~ For helping to make my dreams a reality!