Tuesday, June 23, 2015

!!NEW!! Dream Ship Logo~ ;)

I decided to revamp and upgrade the old logo for something more epic- 

Here it is! The NEW Dream Ship Logo! :D

I LOVE IT!!! XD I hope ya'll do too! :D


-Aria D Gaia

Monday, June 22, 2015


I hope everyone out there has been well~ :) 

The past two weeks have been a bit of a nightmare for me.. :/ The heat here in Florida finally broke me last week and I ended up in an ambulance racing to the ER on Saturday the 13th with heat exhaustion & severe dehydration which triggered my heart condition leaving me nauseous, dizzy, & unable to move. Collapsing at work is NOT my idea of a good day! It completely derailed my training regimen and it's taken me a full WEEK to recover! >_< Luckily, I remained conscious the entire time.. If I had lost consciousness, they probably would have kept me in the hospital for days instead of just overnight. 

So now I have to rethink things once again. My heart condition is extremely mild thanks to the fact that I also have very low blood pressure as well. I don't even need medication for it; the doctor who diagnosed me simply placed me on a high sodium diet. I haven't had any real problems for 7+ years since changing my diet and lifestyle. However, working out is something I'm supposed to be very careful doing, so all the extra training I've been doing added to the stress of working out in the heat 8hrs a day, 5 days a week for an entire month straight was simply too much for my heart to handle.. :'( Plus.. I don't think I was fully diagnosed properly. 

The doctor diagnosed me with NeuroCardioGenic Syncope, but the test to see if I have an irregular heart beat as well was messed up by faulty machinery. However, instead of redoing the test, the doctor said heart rate was fine and sent me on my way. Since then.. every time I use any kind of heart monitoring workout equipment, I have seen that my heart rate jumps all over the place throughout my workout. When the EMS was rushing me to the hospital last Saturday, he also said that my heart rate was all over the place. He seemed extremely concerned for my well being. However, by the time I was actually seen by a doctor in the ER it was hours later and by then I was fine with no sign of an irregular heartbeat. :/ So it looks like I seriously need to see a different cardiologist for a 2nd opinion/diagnosis.

I've been putting it off for a very long time now.. First, because I had no health insurance until recently. Second, I was out of the country in South Korea for 2 years, so it was impossible to seek a 2nd opinion there. Lately, I've been putting it off simply because I didn't wish to have to spend money on something I didn't see as a problem. Now however, I realize that this is something I seriously need to have looked at.. I cannot afford to have anymore close calls! If I collapse at work once more, Workman's Comp will stick me on strict office duty whenever it's hot out. Yuck- XP Last Saturday wasn't all that scary, but it was still a wake-up call. If I'm to make my dreams come true, I need to be more aware of what my condition is so that I can compensate for it while still working towards my goal-

One trip to the ER is NOT about to make me give up my dreams! Nothing's scarier than the heart attack I had 8.5yrs ago before finding out about my condition! So long as I am careful, I can still attain my dreams & push myself to reach my goals without triggering my heart condition. ^_^ Plus, the stronger I make myself, the stronger my heart will become and the healthier I will be. If I can find a way to strengthen my heart, I may be able to rid myself of the condition altogether! :D I have hope in this~ I believe deep down in my heart & soul that I can do it- :) 


-Aria D Gaia


Monday, June 8, 2015


Sheesh- I've been reading up on all the legal measures one must go through in order to have their non-profit organization officially recognized by the US gov't & it looks like it takes tons of money, lots of legal propaganda, and paperwork filed in order to just gain it... :/ Too bad for them that I find it all utterly ridiculous- What does any of that have to do with helping people? To me, it's all just red-tape BS. I, for one, can't stand red-tape BS... & I've no intention of letting it stop me. My crew & I can get out there and help people if we wish without gov't recognition! All it takes is collective action-

I never have agreed with the way things are done these days. :/ Humans are meant to be free- If we wish to help someone or do something, then we should be able to do just that; so long as we aren't hurting others in the process anyway. That's what our ancestors did in the past~ They went wherever they wished, did whatever they wished, & lived wherever & however they wished. All this modern civilization with its rules & regulations was created later by people who wished to rule over their fellow man, thus removing our God-given freedoms. & I, for one, refuse to give in to it. I've always hated being told what to do & how to live. Well..? I'm not going to listen any longer. 

Yeah, sure- I'll cooperate with employers for the time being in order to gather the funds needed in order to build my ship and take back my freedom, but otherwise I'm not listening. This world needs a complete reboot & upgrade.. If I can't change it on my own, then I can at least get the ball rolling! Actually... there's been many great minds, before my mediocre one came along, that have been voicing these things for over a hundred years prior to this. So.. instead of getting the ball rolling, I'm going to give it another rejuvenating push through my life & actions. Some may call me a rebel or a visionary and still others may call me a law-breaker or even a pirate. I don't care- People can call me whatever they like, it's not going to stop me from living my dreams. Let them think & say whatever they wish- As long as I am true to me, that's all that matters!

Aria D Gaia



Hey everyone- It's been a while since my last post, so I just wanted to give you all a quick update. I've been working hard towards my Cycle America Tour & my ultimate goal of getting Dream Ship up and running as a globally recognized non-profit organization. I just finished contacting a PMRHS.org for further information and advice on how to get things rolling in the right direction. If any of you out there reading this has any information that you feel might be helpful to me, please feel free to email me anytime at D.S.SunnyFreedom@gmail.com- :)

I'm also two months away from applying for my legal name change in order to take on the name Aria D Gaia officially~ I have been trying to get the money together for almost a year now, but kept running into other issues that prevented me from being able to save up the $400 required for the court fees to process my name change petition. However, with the raise I received this past month, I should have the money required available by the end of August. ;) It'll be so nice to finally be able to shed this old name of mine and take on my new name officially! I've been waiting for so long to hear others call me Aria on a daily basis. ^_^

Anyway! I'll try to give bi-weekly updates from now on- Things are rolling forward at an ever increasing rate, so it won't be long now before I'll be heading out on my Cycle America Tour in order to gather my crew. :) Keep checking back for more information on my travels & plans!

Take care, ya'll-

Aria D Gaia


Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I just wished to give everyone an update~ ^_^ Things are going smoothly with my cycle training and exercise routine. Every day I am getting closer to my workout & strength goals. I most certainly know that I am on the right path since my camping trip over the past two days! :)

As soon as I left the house & got on the road, I immediately felt all the stress leave me and joy filled my heart; I am most certainly a gypsy soul, happiest on the go. I felt so relaxed and at ease while camping that I walked 16+ miles in a day, just wandering the trails barefoot and never once worried about a thing. Living outdoors in the wild is definitely what my soul craves! :D 

I just have a few more things to work on... I need to shore up on my survival knowledge: what plants & mushrooms are edible, hunting techniques, skinning & tanning techniques, etc. As I learn new things, I shall share them with you. ;) Who knows? Maybe the knowledge I share about getting back to nature will help others out there to do the same & feel more fulfilled in life~ ^_^ 

As for my bicycle rig~ a friend of mine shared a very useful link with me on Facebook: http://www.doityourselfrv.com/diy-coroplast-bicycle-camper/

I have decided to use this idea & combine it with others I have found on the web to make my own compact, travel camper for my bicycle. Once I've finished working out the details and have a good blue-print, I shall share it with you. I have also finalized my gypsy tent design~ It's going to be a pyramid style tent with a 6' x 4' base, windows on the two smaller sides made from recycled lace/sheer curtains, with a loop at its apex so as to be able to hang it from a low hanging tree branch. This way I won't have to worry about carrying a pole to hold up my tent and I won't have one getting in the way once I'm inside it. I'll share those designs with you as well at a later date.

I have also decided that I will be resigning from my post with the Florida Park Service on Labor Day 2017 instead of applying for a leave of absence. It's easier that way~ It'll give my boss the opportunity to hire someone new to fill my place and will give me the freedom to stop at any place I choose to find a new job. I came to this decision after speaking with my assistant manager about it and realized that having to come back to Florida if I suddenly find I love living in.. say.. California.. would most certainly make me miserable. This relieves me of one more anchor and puts me that much closer to the kind of freedom I desire~ ^_^ It also relieves my manager from worrying over things. I'd hate to be the cause of burden to anyone..

So there you have it~ Things are progressing smoothly~ :) Keep up with my adventures here as I will be slowly getting rid of all other social media. It's just too distracting having to keep up with so much stuff when I wish to be doing other things. Take care everyone! ^_^



Saturday, April 11, 2015


I've finally found a lady to join our adventurous little crew!! :D I'm so happy and excited! Our newest crew member, Seto, has been with his lady for years now and they are just so adorable together that I just HAD to have the set! I couldn't bear to only have half of the awesome duo.. so I asked her if she'd be willing to join our crew and sail around the world with us & SHE SAID YES!!! In fact, she said she would be honored! <3 I'm so happy right now I could scream and dance and leap around my apartment!! But it's after midnight and I don't wish to be rude and wake my lovely neighbors, so I'm celebrating in respectful silence by posting up my excitement here~ ;) The best thing about it is that this means I'm no longer going to be the only female aboard the ship! :D It's wonderful! Maybe now that Keyetta has joined us, I'll be able to find more ladies as wild & tenacious as we are! XD I want 3 or 4 more females~ ;) 9 or 10 tenacious lords & ladies to be apart of my adventurous little crew! :D That would be HEAVEN! \(>o<)/



Friday, April 10, 2015

The Week After Next-

This next week I'm required to attend Ranger Academy in order to continue on as a Park Ranger for the Florida Park Service. I've waited 18 months to attend it & have been passed up twice, but this time I'm going. My dream may not be to remain a ranger for the rest of my life, but being a ranger is the one thing I don't mind doing outside my dream. I've gotta earn money somehow, so I'd rather be doing something I enjoy, where I can be outdoors, & help to protect at least one part of the world I love so much~ ^_^ So as long as I have to work in order to get the money I need to make my dreams a reality, I will work as a ranger. ;)

The week after will start my training for cycling across America. Wednesdays will be the day I cycle to work for the next 4-6 weeks until it's easy and my body is used to it, then I'll add on Fridays as well. I'm also doing a yoga & workout routine at home in order to build up my physical strength. My goals for the end of this year are to be able to do 75 crunches, 50 pushups, 100 squats (while holding an extra 15lbs or more), & at least 1 FULL pullup. I can do 5 half pullups right now, but I can't seem to get a full pullup in at all yet. I'm using strength & core building yoga exercises to also help build my back & arm strength, so hopefully I'll have improved enough by the end of the year to do at least one full pullup. :)

Listening to videos from Absolute Motivation on YouTube has been a great motivator for me and makes me want to push myself even harder to achieve far more than my goals. If you haven't heard their videos yet, you should! Here's their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpmZQGTZXn9xd4nN59pbIWQ  ~ ^_^

Right now, my measurements are 35-25.5-37.5 in my bust-waist-hips. My goal is to reach 36-24-36~ ;) I may not reach it this year, but that is my ultimate goal. ^_^ I'm sure Sir Mix-A-Lot would approve~ I AM 5'3"! XD lol! 

Anyway~ I just wished to share my plans and workout goals with you~ :) 

Don't forget! LIVE YOUR DREAMS! No one else can live your dreams nor make them happen but YOU! So believe in yourself and fight for them! ;) I believe in you- <3 Now believe in yourself! :D